The Republic of Taiwan is an Oceanic nation of 23 million people. Situated in the West Pacific between Japan and the Philipines. It comprises the main island of Taiwan, the archipelagoes of Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu, and a number of other islands. Its combined area is approximately 36,200 sq. km or about the size of Netherlands.
Taiwan has more than its share of natural splendor. Mountain ranges with many peaks reaching over 3,000 meters. Other Geographic features includes dormant volcanoes, alluvial plateaus, coastal plains, basins, beaches, sand dunes, fantastically sculpted shoreline rock formations, and marble-walled gorges.
The main Island is uniquely blessed in the world for having full range of climatic zones from tropical to temperate. This in combination with its fertile soil and abundant rainfall makes it an Agricultural paradise, where virtually any kind of fruit and vegetable can be grown. The Country is well developed and peaceful. It is the most peaceful Country I have ever been. That is why, I often describe Taiwan as a Model Country or better still a frontier nation and others need to emulate them.
There is a famous adage which says, “A friend in need is a friend in did”. I found this adage very true when my friendship in Taiwan started with my room mate who is a National. Fortunately for me he can speak English very well. When our friendship started, one day he took me to his other friends and introduced me to them, while they were having Barbeque. Beside, he did many other services for me which help me get settled quickly.
We happen to share the same type of hobby. On Sundays we used to go for jogging around the football field of the University.
Beside, I have other friends who are attending other Universities in Taipei. Most of them are Senior students. I found this friendship important because they already got experience about Taiwan and can tell me more developments of the island. Some of them used to invite me to their social functions or when they have national events to celebrate.
Other friends I have are purposely friends for academic reasons. Most of our academic work is being done together, by sharing knowledge and experiences. This I found very useful.
One day, one of my friends in Taiwan took me to a museum in Taipei. There I saw a lot of fascinating things, especially their cultural diversities. They have opened a brand new restaurant there that will enable visitors tired from walking through the many exhibition halls to take a break and feast on exquisite cuisine in equally exquisite surroundings.
Whenever, I received my stipend, I used to go with one of my friends for shopping. We will spend about three to four hours in Town searching for items preferred to buy. After any successful shopping we used to end up in an ice cream shop to buy ice -cream. From there we take a taxi back home. 
There is a place I would like to visit with my Taiwanese friend at one of the fishing villages in Northern Taiwan, because I had about the beauty of those fishing places. Beside, I like fishing as a hobby and would like to see the catch.
Another hobby which I like and does together with my friend in Taiwan is swimming, indoors. We all got our swimming gears and every week we go for swimming at the swimming pool complex of the University.
One thing I observed is that to make friend with the national at times may not be very quick due to language barrier and perhaps cultural differences.
Friendship in Taiwan is a necessity since no man is an island and we need each other as this world is an inter-dependent world. It’s also the fact that most of us coming new cannot speak Chinese or Mandarin.
However, I found Taiwanese people to be very kind, friendly and helpful. Moreover, they are discipline and hard working to the extent that I believe there are no criminals.
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