My friendship in Taiwan has overwhelmed me in an unbelievable way. The fun about it did not occurred to me until now that I am asked to write about my friendship in Taiwan.
I came to Taiwan with open mind and arms so that I will learn and accept whatever new thing or person that may come my way. But quite honestly I was looking forward to meeting two people that I thought can be my first friends in Taiwan, these two where the ones I have been communicating with after my admission to National Taiwan University (NTU) and after I have been awarded a fellowship by Taiwan ICDF; these are Miss Stella Chang and Jerry of the international students’ affairs office.
But upon arrival in Taiwan, all ICDF sponsored students were taken to the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for two weeks orientations. It was at this place that I met my first friend her name is Tasheka and she came from St. Vincent, a small country in the Caribbean Islands. My first sight of Tasheka was by the NTNU hall where we were seated in groups. I was in the hall when I sighted this African lady walked in majestically and was directed to my group. At first sight I caught the flirting strong powerful smile that can melt out stone hearted being, and then I said to myself who is this devilish creature who I want to love for whatever that is inside her, but before I decide what move to make she turned and looked at me and smiled for me again and this time I really frost for seconds before recouping my Gambian manners to returned the smile in my own way.
Awhile later I introduced myself to her and she also responded by same level and even more friendlily. There and then we realized we were going to the same university, not only that but we are actually doing the same course or programme. One week later, now the second week of ICDF orientation we became closed as we would be attending the Chinese/Mandarin class together and some other stuff. I told her once that it’s been so good to have her as a friend. I also realized that being with Tasheka has always being joy for me; she is as sweet and rich as honey-colored sun slanting steep across a summer lawn. I am happy that we are still friends and we do a lot of things together including walking to and from school and also doing home works together, other female stuff, and most importantly comforting each other for staying away from home.
Main while I continue to do everything possible to enjoy my stay in Taiwan and other friends that I have found.
My other very best friend in Taiwan is my room-mate. Her name is Isatou Dibba, she is a graduate final year student, studying clinical electronics as minor and optical electronics as her major. Isatou became my friend in NTU even though we all are Gambians; we first met at the Guo Qing graduate dorm when I was shown my room. I came from NTNU in that fateful morning of the 4th September 2008; by the bus that ICDF hired to transport us from the orientation site to our various universities.
After the formalities of filling forms with the dorm management our rooms were identified and I was told I will be staying in the 5th floor and Tasheka on the 11th floor. I then started to wonder in my mine on who will be my roommate. Upon arrival at the door of my new room it was a black girl who opened the door for me and in seeing another black but may be due to my dressing she greeted me in Mandinka my Gambian native language, this inspired me so much it took me awhile before I could reply to her greetings in the same language. Within a short stay with Isatou I know she would be my next best friend and mate in Taiwan. I discovered my friendship and friend selection was destined with these two girls and I am so happy to have them as my friends in Taiwan.
Finally in my mind I think friendship is to give without reason and to care without expectations. Also true friends’ aspirations always motivates the other, friends do plant their friendship, care for it diligently so that it sprout and grow and never to let die.My people also say that; many people walk in and out of your one’s life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
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