Friendship is considered one of the central human experiences, is something that everyone has to cultivate and express day by day.  
Hi everyone, I’m Diana Flores from Tegucigalpa Honduras and now I want to share with you the experience about my friendship in Taiwan
I have three months living here and, at this time, I have had the opportunity to meet many people from different countries: Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Mongolia, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia. Everyone with different culture, language and goals, but in the end, all of us share our friendship and knowledge. 
Through Friendship we can learn more about people express our interest for helping others or just, listen them in difficult times.Friendships require equality and loyalty from friends
I have to recognize that I miss my friends from Honduras so much, but I can say too that here, I have found very kind and nice people who have showed me their friendship.
For example, in my department there are a lot of people that are willing to help me any time. The majority of them are from Taiwan. They are funny, happy, and always trying to help me with my Chinese. Is a very close group and I am glad to be part of it.
I feel that we have created a close relationship where everybody is willing to share experiences and demonstrate support for others.
I could feel this at CEM cup, approximately one month ago. CEM cup is an activity in where, every year, people from other universities that are studying the same master program, come together, make sport and knowledge competitions and share a very good time.
Everybody was willing and supporting all the activities, trying to encourage each others. At the end of the activity, our department got the first place in the CEM Cup. All of us were very happy and excited.
I thing we could get it because we were a very good and close team, participating in all the activities and supporting each others.
In my opinion, this activity helped me to be closer and, at the same time, to know that even in good or bad moments, I can count with them.
We have shared other experiences like eating together with our professors and singing in the KTV. I am never going to forget these especial moments. 
In order to improve my Chinese and exchange my language, I met a Taiwanese Girl named Hanna. She wants to travel to South America next year, so I am teaching her Spanish, and she is helping me to learn and improve my Chinese. 
But now we are closer than in the beginning, she has showed me a lot of things about Taiwan like customs, food and beautiful places. 
In these three months I have found very good friends from other countries. I am much closed with two Italians, one French, two North American and two Mongolian people. They live in the same building than me and we have shared very good moments too like going to eat or dance, or just talk or watch a movie in the lobby of our building.
I think these experiences have taught me that it doesn’t matters where you are from or which language you speak or how different the cultures are, you can find a lot of friends and shared with them very good and unforgettable moments. I think that differences unite us more. I am glad to study here and live this experience. I am sure that in these two years I am going to get not only more knowledge about my career, but also share my friendship and experiences with more people. Friendship unites us and allows us to demonstrate to others that we are available to them in good and bad moments.
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