My name is Enrique Manuel Sandres Bautista. I am form Tegucigalpa M.D.C, Honduras
I am studying my Masters Degree (ICEM International Graduate Program of Civil Engineering and Management) in the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan.
When I was coming to Taiwan one of my best friends told me “You know Taiwanese people are not very friendly they don’t care about other people” so I felt a little worried because I always like to have friends. In my first two weeks, I met a lot of people for different parts of Latin-America and Africa and I made some friends specially people for my own country.
When these two weeks ended I realized that since that day I will meet the people who are going to be for the next two years and I felt anxious again, then I met my classmates in a kind of welcome- party-dinner. After that day I can say that Taiwanese people are very friendly and easygoing.
Sometimes I think that I am very lucky because some of my friends in another cities of Taiwan told me that they don’t have local friends and sometimes they haven’t spoken with local people for more than 5 minutes but in my case I have a lot of local friends.
We have had a lot of activities with my local friends but the most entertaining are two the first one is the KTV (Karaoke) is so funny and so different in my country, I believe that this night is responsible that I have friends in this country, you can dance sign, drink, etc. in conclusion have an amazing time.
The second one is the ICEM Cup; this is an activity between the universities that have the masters in construction management (ICEM), I think this a very god activity because it creates a unity between all of us (seniors and freshmans).
I also have friend in the building where I live but the majority of them are foreign like me for USA, France, Italy and Germany, and they also are very good people and it’s very funny to handout with them.
Thanks to my friends I know a lot of places to eat and to go also with them I have eaten a lot of types of foods the majority of them were delicious but some other I need more time to eat it again but all this is part of the experience to live and interact with these amazing people.
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