When someone asks you about your friends in Taiwan are common to imagine you will be talking about Taiwanese people only or even just Asian people, actually when you are a foreigner here in Taiwan you get to know all kinds of people with all kinds of culture, it is the best intercultural experience of my whole life. Well since you arrived Taiwan you realize is a totally different country with a lot of different people, it is less obvious to notice the large amount of foreigners are here for different reasons like me who is studying his major in the university, others are studying Chinese language or even other people who is living here as a foreigner living by themselves.
By the moment I arrived Taipei city, the dorms building was already full of all kind of foreigners, I am talking about at least that all of us together could speak at least seven different languages, well it was too late to know anybody the first day but I was sure it will be really nice the next day when all meet together. The first person I met was another Latin American friend, actually in our room there was just Latin American people, but they came from El Salvador and I was with other Guatemalan people too. The next morning it was amazing to notice all the countries were together in the room, we had people from Africa, Oceania, America, Europe and Asia, I would say all the continents together at least had one representative, well I started to talk with my friends here in Ming Chuan University because the sit us together to know us each other a little better, all of them could speak Spanish except for one girl from Belize named Melba, she spoke English well it wasn’t a problem for us because all of us can speak in English. Since that day I knew the most interesting people here in Taiwan, of course there were a lot of friendly Taiwanese ready to help us, teaching us their language and their customs, it is interesting to notice that the Taiwanese are really nice people and that they love to share with foreigners, for a moment I felt really important for the way the talk to me. Also I knew another friend named Mustapha from Africa and it was really funny my experience with him because I fought against him in Kung Fu Practice but of course it was obvious he was stronger than me, everybody from my country was thinking he would kill me or something but of course he is a really was my friend so he would never think about that. Another really nice person I met was an Arabic friend, for some reasons he was always smiling and doesn’t matter the topic you were talking about he always laugh, in a good way of course, and then he answers you with the most polite phrase you have ever heard. Well believe me I could write a book with all the amazing friends a met in those two awesome weeks with all the ICDF people with persons from all around the globe but I prefer to tell you about my first weeks in my new university Ming Chuan.
Like I said in the beginning if you are foreigner here in Taiwan most probably you will meet other foreigners that are here for the same reason as you. Well that was my experience in my new class in Ming Chuan University. I am in the international college and I sleep in the international dormitories of Ming Chuan so will be almost impossible not to know other foreigners here. Well my class is compound by a lot of foreigners like the cute girls from Thailand who speak a language really different for what I have ever heard before or my friends from Sao Tome that sit always in the back of the class but they are really outgoing persons, also I have a friend from Malaysia that can speak like five different language including Chinese and of course who can forget the Taiwanese, I am not sure but maybe they are half of my class, for them is a challenge to learn in English and that is what they are doing sharing with us while we take the classes.
Well of course I cannot mention all the country in my University because there are a lot and I don’t know them all yet but let me tell you that another recent and very important group of friends are the Latin Americans, us with our always cheer attitude ready to help everybody.
Well I have to say in Taiwan is difficult just to say you meet one interesting friend, because there are a lot of them and the international community here is huge as well. I have to say Taiwan is an excellent place for intercultural exchange.


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