This festival was celebrated between 28th and 29th April, 2009. This event is organized every year as a part of a Chinese tradition, every fifth day of the fifth lunar month is considered one of the most attractive holidays during the year in some countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The celebration is an attempt to send off diseases and evil spirits.

       In Taiwan, schools, communities, universities and many groups organize different teams, where they show their boat races abilities, some teams practiced the whole year waiting for this festival, and it is very competitive racing, due to organizers provided attractive prizes.  During this semester I am taking a class called American Sports History and we were trying to organize a class visit or a team during this event, unfortunately the lack of time stops the initiative.  However, my friends and I met to spend a wonderful day, we went to support our University . They organized the team of the International Master in Business Administration and the other one of the Language Center, but the last one gathered in another competition,

Very early in the morning, we gather at the main gate of our School, taking the bus and then the MRT to go to Xindian. I was really excited despite I did not join any team, I wore my hat and snickers, I took my umbrella just in case of rain. It was my first time I joined this activity. When we arrived to the place, thousands of people were there waiting the beginning of activities, families playing around the ground, some of them having a barbecue and picnic,  some teams were stretching,  coaches  instructing their teams, preparing their boats and having some talks about first aid cases.

The competition started around 10 am, groups of 3 were competing, qualifying of course just the first one to classify to the next round. Unfortunately my team did not qualify but I was supporting other teams such as 师大, I have a lot of friends from XiDa, they had luck (just joking) and qualify to the next round. What I really enjoyed was the festival food that they organized, I tried tons of Chinese food, including, dumplings, pearl bubbles tea, sausages with rice, among others.  I was full, I could not eat anymore, in addition, I have not seen a good Taiwanese friend in such long time, she recognized me  from the ICDF Welcome, just the first time I came here, I have not seen here for almost two years and I still did not believe she was able to recognized me.  She brought me more food, I could not say no, to be honest the food was really good, it seemed like I have not eaten in a long time, I introduced my friends from school and they also ate more and more food.


Finally, when more of the racings were finishing around 2 pm started sprinkling, it seemed the weather wanted to be present but luckily we did not have a strong raining.  People who organized the activity provided shuttle buses, we took one until the MRT and finally come back home.  I personally enjoyed this activity, it was amazing share with some friends, meet friends I have had a long time no see, and I cannot imagine join one team, of course requires a huge responsibility, but I noticed it is a really nice experience, it is not easy at all, but as a team we can do big things, the good thing is my school almost always organize their team, so there is not excuse to be lazy for the next year.

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