When I first arrived to Taiwan, I didn’t have notion of how wonderful this country is, instead of thinking that way I was just a little confused with the whole idea of being in a place that I though It would be strange for me, but now I’ve changed my mind and I can say “Taiwan is amazing! “, and the most important of all is its people.

I remember that the first place I visited was Hsinchu city, a place that makes me remember great memories, because we all the Honduran sponsored ICDF students spent about five days by ourselves at Tsinhua University, now I couldn’t believe that we were in a city where is located one of the most important science incubator centers and the headquarters of the biggest producer of semiconductors in the world!! which is TSMC; at the same time we were guided by local Taiwanese students majoring in science who were very kind to inform us how to deal with our new life; that was my very first experience with students from Taiwan, It was just the beginning of great things to discover about the Taiwanese people, their simplicity but at the same time their diligence makes me recognize that this is the exact formula, not even equations or difficult mathematical calculations, all the needed skills and abilities are based on what I consider ” just be yourself”, the Taiwanese were just themselves and now enjoy the world’s admiration due to their position as one of the most important industrialized societies in the world, that’s why I consider that persons from every geographical point of the globe should think about to visit this charming nation, definitely Taiwan will touch their hearts, an that’s exactly what’s actually happening in my very own experience.

While in class I always enjoy to talk to my fellow Taiwanese students, when I ask them about their daily activities they used to say that they have a heavy workload but while they talk its unavoidable to see their happy faces, even though they work and study and maybe tired, they’re in class participating and talking about our assignments, it’s just an unforgettable detail.
While on campus I like to see the students, there are always young ones walking from one side to another or simply sitting on a bench drinking a juice or in groups listening to music during their leisure time, but something comes to my mind; they are part of this charming environment !, because a few hours later you can appreciate how concentrated they can be at the library or even after a long period of time of hard study they could get sleepy and take a rest on their desk, It’s something that makes me understand that there must be a balance, and they know how to do it. Another thing that calls my attention is that this behavior can be observed in almost all the people, you can enjoy seeing the children playing while their parents watch them, you can see a smiley professor, a smiley old couple, or a happy shopkeeper, as a foreigner in Taiwan I feel like if I were at home, I don’t feel alone at all, there is always a person who wants to share something, since discussing about our corresponding academic programs, to talk about the places I could visit during my spare time or about my country; no matter the reason, there is always something that I couldn’t forget and it’s the smile of the people while they speak, and the smiles I’ve seen here have all a common characteristic and I think that is the most important asset, those smiles are priceless.

Miguel Angel Alvarez is from Honduras and he gets enrolled in IMBA at National Chengchi University in 2006.