Learning Chinese is quite an experience, especially when you have never been in Asia before. You can find it literally a language out of your world, which is true for us since Western languages come from mainly from Latin.

In my country it is common to see many places that guarantee students will be speaking English in just a few months - which I have to say is quite true. Because our languages are similar – the grammar and many words are so alike. However, Chinese has a completely different history. The grammar and words are completely different, and if you can’t pronounce the accent perfectly people won’t understand what you are saying.

You are supposed to learn faster if you live in a Chinese-speaking country, but you quickly realize how hard it actually is, and speaking even a basic level of Chinese can take years. Learning Chinese for me is quite an experience, where pronunciation is very important, and I feel happy when I am able to communicate about basic needs, such as ordering food and drinks. And the most important thing is you are actually surrounded by teachers! Especially Taiwanese, (taxi drivers, friends, restaurants, etc.) they are willing to help you, anywhere.

   What is most important is patience, because the learning process is slow. The important thing is walking slowly, but with true steps! Learning is fun, especially when you have friends that can’t speak a foreigner language, and you can measure your Chinese level with them.

So finally, learning Taiwan’s language and culture is an excellent opportunity to learn something different outside of the Western world!