Gifted by nature with enviable and wonderful eye-catching places Taiwan is one the nicest island in the far east of Asia. Moreover, Taiwanese people are well embedded by its ancient and valuable culture. The achievement of being a well developed country has come to Taiwan because this people are very laborious and smart, serene and entrepreneur.


I arrived in Taiwan just seven months ago. And I can tell you that it has been a nice experience and it will this way always for sure to live, study and share memorable moments in this country.

As I said before Taiwanese people personality makes one’s life easy. I really feel comfortable chatting to them every time it is possible.

Besides, the responsive infrastructures smooth the progress of Taiwan and facilitate its inhabitants’ everyday life. One can make use of the well developed transportation means network and reach any place in less than an average time. Either one can to take a train or a bus and fully enjoy the trip whether it is for pleasure or for business or personal affairs. Because on can have the chance to be pleased about and appreciate the way of life of Taiwanese people, even on the streets or in the suburbs. People is always busy, doing some value added diligences. That is how I deem the Taiwan way of life.

It is true that there are few places where to dance some tropical music and get some relaxing time, which is what we Latin-American people like to do and enjoy a lot. But, one can spend a good night and go for shopping to Yeshis (convenient night markets) and buy any type of clothe and have dinner, Taiwanese one or western one food everywhere.

I am sure that I will miss all of my Taiwanese friends and acquaintances once I return to my country Nicaragua, my piece of sky. And of course, I also will miss the way Taiwanese people live, and the place I am living now: Yuan Ze University, in Nei Li City.

This is the delightful insight I would like to convey to my friends in Nicaragua.

It is good that I am just starting my stay in Taiwan. I have left a lot of nice experiences to enjoy for.