Taiwan has so much to offer, it is an incredible country. I have been leaving in Taiwan for about six months, and during those months I have enjoyed, learned and had so many beautiful experiences. Taiwan is so rich in culture, history, and people it also possesses amazing places to travel. Furthermore, the education and experience that I am getting from Yuan Ze University is remarkable, it has a high academic level and a great atmosphere. Taiwan is definitely a great place for traveling, studying and leaving.

I have lived six months in Neili, at Yuan Ze University and two weeks at Citta located in Taipei. When we came to Taiwan we had our orientation at National Taiwan Normal University (Citta). We had the opportunity to meet students from many countries at Citta. It was such a wonderful experience to share with students from all over the world in such a magnificent place. The orientation was design by I.C.D.F... This organization gave me the opportunity to study in Taiwan by taking care of every expense and giving me all the support for all accommodations that I needed. Since I was at the orientation in Citta, I had the privilege to see and know how incredible I.C.D.F. is. We were treated so good that I have never been treated like this well before. We had many fun and educational activities that we had the chance to make friends for life. Moreover, we were able to see parts of Taipei and other places that I.C.D.F. took us too. Taipei is an amazing and huge city, offering so many things to do and see. From night life, museums and at that time in Taipei some friends and I went to the zoo which was so big that we were not able to see it all. I loved Taipei and since them I came in loved with Taiwan as well.

I love traveling and learning from other cultures, which is also why I am so happy to be in Taiwan. Taiwan is so rich in culture, history and cities and towns enjoy and see. I have had the experience of my life time, for me it has been so different considering many aspects. I have tried incredible foods which I did not knew that existed, and probably I would not have seen them if I have not came to Taiwan. Furthermore, the language is also very different; I have had a difficulty in learning it but I am looking forward in speaking it when I come back to Guatemala. During these six months I have the chance to travel around Taiwan, I.C.D.F. and Yuan Ze University has made trips to different places and cities around this beautiful country. The trips have been so fun because not only we had the opportunity to see amazing places but also we have had the chance to participate in activities in these trips. I am studying in a University located at around forty minutes from Taipei. This University is called Yuan Ze located between two big cities called Taoyuan and Jhongli. Yuan Ze is a private University own by Far Eastern Group which is one of the biggest groups in Taiwan. It is such a good school; it is raked on being the top Universities in Taiwan. Also, the atmosphere, the local students and the professors are astounding; I am so happy and thankful for having all these privileges in Taiwan.

I am also so glad that the academic level in Yuan Ze University is great, I am learning so much and enjoying at the same time. I believe that I could not choose a better place to come to study than Taiwan.

Taiwan is a magnificent country, which offers amazing opportunities to learn and experience so many beautiful wonders. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to study in a country possessing so many astonishing aspects.