If one want to learn how to achieve durable development, visiting Taiwan is one of the most valuable choice in the world, mostly for undeveloped or developing countries like Haiti. Utilization of high technology to support all sectors of activities is clearly visible from agriculture to security .As a fan of high-tech stuffs I usually visit most of the impressive market and company to discover new products, unfortunately for me it’s impossible, because every day there is some thing new somewhere; as nocturne life is guaranteed, it seems to me that they don’t sleep to invent and develop high quality goods for their citizens and other consumers of the world. Taiwan is a peaceful and secured place, you will never see a policeman or military with gun to threaten anybody, they use camera, hologram etc.. to identify the real trouble maker to avoid punishing innocents, one can walk anywhere at anytime without being victim from any physical aggression contrarily to some other places in the world.

With development of informatics, they build a secured and comprehensive national database where they retain info about everyone in the country, what they use for all purposes; Identification, license, health insurance, school, education, and monitor their quality of life; then, in term of reliable data and information Taiwan should be one of the best references.

Most people believe in knowledge to increase their quality of life, what represent a n important trump for the country to insure highly qualified workforce to sustain and increase the development level.

One of the attractions for me and probably any foreigner in Taiwan are the night markets, mostly Shillin, even crowded, the government has done all that possible to maintain cleanness, security and sanitation.

The latest event that marked me the most were the election where Taiwan showed to the entire world how high their democratic level is: peaceful, clear, fair, results easy to publish, was the simplest way to describe it. It is for the first time I see an election like this. I strongly recommend to all politicians, including the one in my country to copy this model, and I’m really convinced if everywhere people can realize such election political instability will disappear and lot countries could make a giant step toward development.

To conclude, I must thank very much ICDF, all of the Taiwan Government and professors of Yang-Ming University to permit to live such experience which is very exciting and to learn how I can participate in change that country friends like Taiwan wish for us. The next step is for soon when I’m going to share them directly with my compatriots and certainly more Haitians will know what is Taiwan and its contribution to.