Taiwan is a small beautiful East Asian country located off the cost of Mainland China and south west of the main islands of Japan. The island is also known as Formosa meaning beautiful island and this is fitting because the island is mainly mountainous with natural forests which add to its beauty. It is also surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. The people are also beautiful with their ever happy smiles and warm hospitality.

I came here to study for a master degree in Agricultural Economics at National Taiwan University (NTU) situated in Taipei city which is the capital of Taiwan.

The City is unique because of its modernity, democracy, friendly people, and free atmosphere. It is without any doubt the best place for university students because they can learn to live in a multicultural and dynamic city. Taipei undoubtedly stands out as a friendly and free international city because of its obvious hospitality to foreigners by it citizens. It is a true multicultural city as well. But there is more than that. Specifically, Taipei is unique in the sense that it is a modern city but with a rare combination of nature because of its surrounding natural forests, rivers, and manmade beautiful parks.

With over 21 million people and an area of only about 35 000 square kilometers, Taiwan has a high population density. Taipei alone has more than 2 million people. But Taipei’s transport system is so convenient so much so that one barely notices that there are so many people around this place. There are highly concentrated highway and railway networks and a very convenient Mass Transit System (MRT).

Taiwan has lots of nice places to visit which include Taipei city’s zoo, National Palace Museum, and Dansue River to mention only a few. Taipei also offers almost everything in weather from very hot humid summers to very cold winters.

My University has lots of restaurants, bookshops, and markets just outside the campus which makes shopping very convenient. Of course there are also so many convenient stores right inside the campus and in dormitories.

Besides, the campus environment is conducive to learning with lots of departmental libraries and a main library that has up to date books and connections with other libraries around the world. The university’s state of the art sports complex and the park –like surroundings make relaxing after studies very satisfying.