As many may know, Taiwan is located almost equidistant from Japan and Korea to the north, the Philippines to the south and mainland China. This makes Taiwan a perfect lunch point or further traveling in Asia. With its area of 35,801 km² (13,822.8 sq mi) Taiwan has highly diversified environments where we can see sunny beaches, forested mountains, agriculture countryside and highly active cities (

Taiwan has a marine tropical climate with heavy rainy season with annual precipitation averages of 2500 mm, but in many cases the rain exceeds 6000 mm. Important to mention is that the 80% of the rain fall during the May–October typhoon season (Shiang, 2001). Taiwan has a very particular geography where it has a heavy mountain system running from the north to the south in the eastern portion of the island. Important to specify that the highest point is Yu Shan at 3,952 meters, as we may see Taiwan has a combination of really high altitudes and also has a low area with week geological formations and heavy slopes. At this area, hiking activities, mountain site views, national parks are at their best. Due to the high elevations a different weather pattern develops making cooler days and nights and also enjoying foggy days. In Contrast to this the western portion of the island is plain, with a hotter, more humid environment. Most of the population is gathered in this portion of the island and thus we can locate the biggest cities in Taiwan, such as Taipei, Kaoshung and Taichung. Since most of the cities and population are located in this area, the transportation industry has been highly developed where we see a highly organized freeway system, various forms of transportation per say bus companies, train railroads and high speed trains. Also this area has the biggest exploitation of agriculture land use in the island, with important production of grouper, banana, guava and other products of exportation importance. The coast line is filled with nice beeches in the south and heavy fishery exploitations in the center and north, and really beautiful islands like the green island located close to the eastern southern portion of the island. The best beaches are located in the south of Taiwan, where the tropical climate is expressed at its fullest. Also the heavy industrial sector is located in this portion of the country, where the combination of the communication and transport facilities give an optimum chance for the development of this type of exploitations.

In the city there are many activities people can do, for instance if you want to do cultural visits, Taiwan offers many sites where you can have a culture background check up of Taiwan that may include the museums like the national palace museum, tea museum and others, temples like the longshan temple and Confucius temple and theaters like the music hall auditorium. Also if your goal is to have fun, there are many places to go, there are water parks, night clubs, bowling alleys, KTVs and in many places, festivals are hold and prove to be a very distressing environment. Also if your aim is for shopping purposes then Taiwan is the place, many locations such as night markets, computer markets and department stores are available. Taiwan offers shopping districts for almost all types of tastes and prices.