I will not! I mean my friends back home in the Marshall Islands already know Taiwan. Taiwan is a big contributor or supporter to the surviving of my poor country. It has been a great helper in a variety of ways. Financially, Taiwan has been supporting my poor country with huge amount of money, that I cannot count, but I can only appreciate. Adequate, perhaps, too much financial support our nation received from Taiwan.

Helping the my nation with maintenance and improving the health status of our nation is also a great acknowledgment and character of Taiwan that wont be a blurred for the eyes of many friends back home. There are some negotiation going on between our Ministry of Health, the RMI environment authority, and the Taiwan that will bring up the living condition of our country. This cooperation and collaboration will be of great remarks from the many of my Marshallese friends.

There are more to list and identify, but I think you got my point. What I am trying to say is that, I don’t need to introduce Taiwan to my people. My people already know Taiwan and have been appreciating what Taiwan had done so far in terms of supporting and helping our poor nation. Everyone knows Taiwan. It won’t make any sense to introduce it when it’s already known.

What I can do instead, is to ask for my friends to continue to show their appreciation of Taiwan by making sure that they do their parts. For instance, what you my friends back there can do, perhaps, getting more involved with activities or works that will support Taiwan missions. Let say, for example, more people should participate in the Taiwan farming or agriculture mission. Or perhaps, parents should start encouraging their kids to work harder in schools so many can be eligible for Taiwan scholarships. Taking responsible for our own health and don’t wait for the RMI health system or Taiwan health system to do things for us. Do you part by start considering lifestyle modification or compliance with health policy.

In closing, let me once again say that there is no need to introduce Taiwan to my friends back home, instead, there is need to encourage them to show respect and appreciation of what Taiwan had been contributing to our people and nation. Through personal, society, and community responsibilities and compliance or adherence, we’ll be of great help to Taiwan goals and to our own nation’s benefits.