When I first came to Taiwan, I did not know anything about the country. I just knew I was going to this Island in the Asian Continent. Neither had I known I was not landing in Taipei as I thought. But I was expecting really nice things about Taiwan, hoping to like everything and everyone. In the airplane the people were so heartwarming and kind. I really enjoyed my flight and I hoped I will feel the same way about Taiwan.

When I came I thought I was going to have adjusting problems since it is a very different society. Nicaragua is not a developed country and people are just different. But I didn’t have any adjusting problems. People were willing to help, as long as I try to fit in and assimilate their culture. Taiwanese are very friendly.

In some trips I have joined I realized that Taiwan is beautiful and so full of history. So far I have gone to several museums, parks, attractions and celebrations of Taiwanese people and I have liked it. I think that is very interesting to know about their customs, culture and traditions. Last month I went to the Lantern Festival and it was great. I got to light my own lantern and see it fade away in the sky.

One of the craziest things is to assimilate food. Back in my country even if avocado is a fruit we eat it salty, beans also, we don’t have chocolate cheese either. But it is very interesting to try out the food here, to try to get to know the flavor and texture that they enjoy in their food. And for that you have to leave behind any concern about eating anything, and then… you get to like it. One thing I really love about Taiwan is drinking “nai cha” (milk tea); and I didn’t like it at first but while you are tasting things you get use to it and end loving it!!!

One of the things I like to do and I would recommend as you get to Taiwan is to go to night markets. They are so full of life, entertainment and food!!! Back in my country we don’t have such thing. By night all our markets are closed. But in Taiwan, it is just the beginning of night. Its night life is so vivid; it is like a city that never sleeps.

Another thing that I find interesting are temples. Taiwan temples have a religious blend. This blend includes Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In no other country you would find that religion tolerates each other and co-exist to fulfill the beliefs of their prayers.

When you walk around Taipei there is something I really like about here among all the things I got to love and it is the security of Taipei. I feel secure, I can walk, do exercise at any hour with worrying about my safety. It feels safe in Taipei.

As I live my life here in Taipei, I got use to hiking. I didn’t like to hike before; but there are so much beautiful hiking spots. I think so far my favorite is Maokong I went hiking all the way down to Chengchi University. One hiking spot that I am really looking forward is Yangmingshan they say its beauty is indescribable. From this park they say you can see the highest peak of Taipei. No wonder Portuguese called it Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Island).

This country is very beautiful, and I am trying my best to discover it all before my master is over. I highly recommend visiting and falling in love with Taiwan. My sisters came for vacations to visit me and so far, they have fallen in love with Taiwan too and I hope I will see them soon visiting me again. Hope you have the chance to be a witness of the beauty of Ilha Formosa as me.