The last year I was in my country, El Salvador, looking for a good opportunity to study abroad. I wanted to find a place in which I could be safe, comfortable and overall in where I could learn from high-qualify professors and also where I could use the most modern tools. Fortunately, I found a great opportunity here in Taiwan. I am so happy because I just finished my first semester in Kun Shan University, as a student of Mechanical Engineering Department.

Living in the peaceful city of Tainan, in the comfortable and safety facilities of K.S.U. and among a friendly community, studying has been a nice experience. I have not missed that much my hometown thanks to all the efforts of the University staff to make us feel as comfortable as in home. Since they have given us a kitchen with a beautiful design and a living room where we can spend some time together and enjoy a home-made food as a family, not only between us but also enjoying some time with the local students.

I also have learned many good things in the classrooms and laboratory rooms which are very modern and have all the necessary tools to make the learning process easy and interesting. I have to say that I was impressed by the university library, in my opinion one of the most beautiful, biggest and modern libraries in Taiwan. Its attractive design and book collections make it an appropriate place to spend many hours studying.

Another good thing is the willing of the professors to teach us in the best way possible; improving their teaching methodology, listening to our suggestions, helping us to clear our doubts and helping us resolving our problems. I have found here all I asked for learning with the best facilities. I really appreciate TaiwanICDF provide me this opportunity to study in Taiwan.