My first semester in Kun Shan was a complete new experience for me. Coming from the other half of the globe where a University is but a fraction of the size of Kun Shan, where the most recent update in technology was probably in 1970, a place where almost year round the teacher go on strike. It is a huge change and a huge opportunity for me to be here. In my country, I would have never learned most of the courses that I took in my first semester. Experiencing a new type of education coming from a Taiwanese professor is probably the biggest shock I get every day. I never expected to be here and here I am.

In my first semester, I became amazed with the buildings Kun Shan has. The library, the technology building, and all the rest, are extremely beautiful. Every day I went to class I would stare at these buildings admiring their architecture and glamour. In my country there is not even one university that can compare to Kun Shan University. Another thing that amazed me was the classes. The classes had so much technology in them, from the speakers, to the projector; they are extremely fascinating and gorgeous.

The day I went to see the laboratories I was completely amazed by all the technology they had. So much equipment that I would love to play with. I was amazed that most of equipment was new and extremely expensive. Some of the equipments I had never heard of, other I had only seen on the television. There are so many laboratories that sometimes it is hard to follow track of where everywhere is. It is really amazing the amount of knowledge the Taiwanese professors and students that are in this labs have. I hope that upon the termination of my four year program I can have as much or more knowledge as them.

My first semester classes taught me a lot of things I did not know about. One of the courses that I really like was Programming with LabVIEW by Professor Lin. In this course I learned the basics of programming and automation by computer. It was completely an amusing course although it was for a semester the teachings I learned there will never to be forgotten from Boolean to Arrays, to indicators. Other courses like Shopwork and Engineering graphics help me open my mind to be able to project 2D image to a 3D one and vice versa. All my classes were part of the great experience of my first semester in Kun Shan.

I have no complains of my experience during the first semester. I only have gratitude to express to all the people that have made this experience so pleasing and comfortable. This experience has made me expect even better results for my second semester. After two weeks of being in the second semester and experiencing the classes, all I can say is that this second semester will be even better than the first one. My new challenge in life, as it is now, is to be able to absorb all the knowledge that Kun Shan University of Technology has in stores for me.