It was a sight to behold! The Tainan’s Lantern Festival 2008 was one of the most spectacular and intriguing displays of lights and patterns I have been privileged to witness. The customary lanterns, to which an entire section of the showground was dedicated, provided a beautiful canopy allowing people to experience the beauty above as they walked underneath them. Displays depicting cartoon characters, scenes from childhood tales, and the larger than life balloons of dragons all helped to make this experience a truly amazing one.

Most of the displays centered on the “Rat” since this is the year of the Rat, However, I have never ever before seen the “Rat” depicted in such an attractive and unthreatening manner- truly amazing!

Nonetheless, one of the most unique and captivating displays was that of a giant peacock. Aside from the natural beauty that the peacock displays, having other species of birds surrounding it created a forest-like aura. One can only imagine the time and effort it took to make such an intriguing display. It is a testament of the ability of Taiwanese people to be innovative.

No festival would be complete without a food court and they had an impressive one there that night complete with traditional Taiwanese food; the dumplings were very good.

The fireworks were a fitting culmination to a wonderful display. Anyone who attended left with a great sense of appreciation and admiration for those who organized the event…truly amazing!!!