I have been in Taiwan for over a month, and I already had the chance to get to know a little bit about Taiwanese people. I met Taiwanese people for the first time during the orientation for ICDF, and since, I have met Taiwanese people in my university, especially the students in my department. I have also been in contact with Taiwanese people in the streets, the metro, the night markets, etc.
The first thing I have noticed about Taiwanese people is that they are very obliging. Not only are they always willing to help you whenever you ask them something but they will do everything they can to help, and devote their time and efforts to do so. For example, every time I ask a Taiwanese person for a direction, when I’m lost, they will not only give the direction to me, if they know it, but they will also accompany me to the place I’m looking for, devoting some of their time to help me, even though they don’t know me. And if the person does not know the direction, she will find somebody who can help me. In any case they will always try to help in any way they can. Another example of how Taiwanese people are very obliging is when I went to my study room for the first time: I got there and the place was really dirty because the person before me never cleaned it, so I could not put my things in there. But the Taiwanese students with whom I share the study room offered to help me, they borrow me their cleaning material and a lamp, and helped me clean the place.

Another thing I have noticed about Taiwanese people is that they always try to make you feel comfortable, always asking if everything is fine, if you want something else, etc. For example, in class, the professors will always try to make sure everybody feels comfortable about the temperature, the classroom, and they will try to make sure the class is well understood and nobody has a problem with what we are studying. The same is true when you go out somewhere with Taiwanese persons, they will always ask you what you prefer to do, where do you want to go, if the place you went to is fine or you want to go somewhere else, etc. When I went to have dinner with the Taiwanese students with whom I share my study room, they were always trying to make me feel comfortable, asking me if I wanted more tea, if I liked the food, if I wanted something more or if I wanted to go somewhere else for dessert, etc.

I have also noticed that Taiwanese always talk to you with a smile on their faces, they always look happy, except in the metro when it is too crowded. They hardly get angry or exasperated, or at least they don’t show it, even if you are late or you don’t understand something. They are very friendly, even if they have just met you; they will always want to know more about you, about your studies, your country, etc.
In conclusion, I have a very good first impression of Taiwanese people; I think they are very kind, polite and considerate. Every time I’ve met a Taiwanese, he or she has treated me in a kind and friendly way. The only thing I regret a little is that I have not had the chance yet to have good Taiwanese friends. I would like to have close Taiwanese friends. I would also like to know more about their way of living, about family relationships and more about Taiwanese culture, through Taiwanese people and their everyday life.