Taiwan is one the advanced Countries in the World in terms of development. The development started after world war two, when the Island was devastated by the war. With the Technical assistance of the US Taiwan graduated from a poor recipient country to now a donor country.
The first impression I had when I just came is the discipline I found in Taiwanese people, which is manifested in many areas in their daily activities. For example when waiting for buses while traveling, they will queue without noise. They are also polite to foreigners when they meet up in public places, especially when a foreigner is asking them questions when trying to locate a place in Taiwan. They will have the patient to explain to the person or even sometimes volunteered to go with the person up to the place and show him or her.

While on the street walking, if someone is in front of them in a narrow place they will not talk to say, excuse me to pass, even if they are in a haste. They will rather keep quiet and reduce their pace behind the person in front of them until they have a free passage and then go their way. I believe is part of their culture to behave like that. This life style is very unique of Taiwan people which I have not seen anywhere in the world.

When a Taiwanese have a rubbish to throw away such as a small empty bottle or paper, he/she will dispose it in a bin nearby or if there is no bin around he/she will keep it to him/her self until a rubbish bin is found then throw it there. This is a good habit. That is why the whole environment is clean and healthy. Moreover, there is frequent garbage collection which is not allowed to accumulate so long to pollute the environment.
In the MRT transport there are special seats for elderly people and no one sits there other than elders. This also impressed me. Taiwanese people know how to organize. They are dedicated to whatever they are doing to achieve excellence. I have not seen any destitute in Taiwan and while the Country develops people also develop in terms of behavior.
When it comes to dealing with elders, they respect them and follow their advices, unlike the Russians. Taiwanese people also have sense of responsibility. I remember last year when it was new years day, around Taipei 101, early morning January 1st 2008, I saw a battalion of people who where well equipped with surgery masks and cleaning equipments, matching towards the surrounding of Taipei 101 to start cleaning the environment. They did not wait for the environment to start smelling before they do their cleaning. This also really impressed me.
Taiwan people respect their culture. This is manifested in many ways, especially when they are eating, they always eat with their chop sticks.
 I am still struggling to use the chop stick which I cannot avoid because most restaurants do not have spoons {laugh!}.
Taiwanese people are very innovative and make best use of their factor endowments or resources for their socio-economic benefits. They do not allow wastage, thus they keep on recycling waste materials.
Tourism is very advanced in Taiwan. There are lots of attractive places to visit in Taiwan. One place I always remember is my visit to Taroko, HUALIEN. The environment there is wonderful. The natural environment is preserved and well taken care of. The Taiwanese people know how important nature is and therefore, take great care of nature for the benefit this present generation and that of future generations. 
The average Taiwanese normally keep low profile and very humble, they do not like to show off in public.
Taiwan is really a model for development or a frontier to be emulated, which I normally tell my Professors and fellow students. Another area which impressed me is the level of development especially in the field of Agriculture. Agriculture is so advanced in Taiwan especially when it comes to rice production and processing. I remember visiting a rice milling factory in the South and we were shown how rice is milled and graded to have the best quality and stored for many years without losing the quality.
Hsinchu county also have an electronic park model. This is another land- mark of Taiwan development model, which should be emulated.
Our Gambian President visited Taiwan many times and have good Diplomatic ties with Taiwan Government and he want to use the Taiwan model of development for our country and all of us are going to help him to achieve that goal by using our different fields of discipline, especially in the areas of Science and technology.