The beautiful tropical Island of Taiwan is situated off the southern coast of mainland China. Taiwan has a population of over 23 million. Most of her populace is originally from the southeastern Coastal province of Fujian and Guangdong. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese and Heluo is also widely spoken. The most popular foreign language in Taiwan is English.
Moving around Taiwan, I have observed four great qualities of Taiwanese people which has no doubt contributed to their successful achievements. Taiwanese are hard working, honest, friendly and put great efforts to improve their physical fitness.

Taiwanese are among the most hard working people in the world,” if not the most”. Hard work means progress hence Taiwanese were able to transcend from donor recipient country to a donor country for the past two decades. The Taiwan ICDF is one of the established organizations involved in providing technical assistance, investment and lending operations, education and training, and humanitarian assistance to under developed countries. The International human resource and development activities through the provision of scholarship to allied countries had greatly impacted scholarship recipient from these countries. Higher Education plays an important role for the economic development in every country, which is one of the core directives of Taiwan ICDF. I am a perfect example, without the scholarship from ICDF I would hardly got the opportunity for further education. It enables students to acquire the most current professional knowledge, in order to enhance their skills and maximize their contributions to their respective countries.

Honesty, diligence and righteousness are characters observed in Taiwanese. These people are extremely honest people. I found out first hand because a colleague of mine once left her cell phone in our school library and upon realizing it we went back to the library and found the cell phone exactly on the same spot it was left. Also mechanics are extremely honest and charge next to nothing to maintenance and repair my bicycle as opposed to the rip off artists back home. In many cases people helped and notified me if am about to leave any stuff behind. It gives me a great peace of mind.
Living health is kind of ‘in’! No matter where you go, you will meet people enhancing their physical fitness. Taiwanese are interested in physical exercise as a way to simply keep fit. When it comes to health they believe in prevention is better than cure. This can be manifested given the life expectancy of the Taiwanese which is far higher than the life expectancy of my people. As I see old Taiwanese been productive and contributing to the economy of their country unlike my people back home, I am starting to really appreciate the benefits of keeping the habit of exercising.
The people are friendly and will always be willing to help you. Taiwan is a safe place, particularly if you take common sense precaution and its people are extremely helpful. My country is referred to as the Smiling Coast of Africa and its people are widely known for its friendly people and peaceful environment. I never thought I will ever be in a country like mine but being in Taiwan has fad away those perceptions. Taiwan is really the best place one can ever be lucky to find him or her herself on earth.
God bless ICDF……. God bless Taiwan…..