There are many things that identified people from different cultures such as customs or manners so is kind of easy to realize when other people is behaving in a different way of which we are accustomed.
My first contact with a Taiwanese person was in Nicaragua when I was applying to this program and what I realized from the beginning was the serious and straight way to talk and the meticulously way to check my documents.

However, I met the main course here in Taiwan:
How people try to help even though they don't speak English.
The way people dress.
How they exercise.
How they eat, and so on.
Friendly people…
I had never seen people so friendly, and I think that I share this idea with the rest of foreigners here in Taiwan, we were also making comparison with USA, and how you feel racism since you are in the airport, which is the opposite here.
Sometimes, they also feel frustrated when they cannot help us because they don’t speak English, anyway they try hard. Many times here at the university I asked for addresses and most of time they take me until the place I have been looking for, they start asking questions in Chinese, until they finally succeeded with help.
When I talk about how people dressed, I mean that we just have two seasons in my country and temperature is almost the same all the year, so I see the difference, besides people here is not thinking on what the rest will say about the way they dressed. Most of young people wearing shorts, skirts, t- shirts and fresh clothing.
Nevertheless, weather start changing a few days ago and cloth in people is already changing as well, something that’s not quite common in developing countries.
It is quite common to see people doing exercises in parks, squares and public places, it is also common to see old people practicing kong fu and see how interested they are in health. Young people practicing choreographies.
A lot of people wearing masks in the streets because of H1 N1 which is an excellent prevention measure, the way people keep clean the whole city is an important issue to mention because is closely related to health and good habits.
When you see people eating here, you can see they are eating things completely weird for us, but healthy, for example, I eat things I usually can find back home, but most of time are not healthy enough, but Taiwanese people care about what are they eating. Different kinds of salads that are quite hard to eat for me.
People all over the world is getting worried about youth and as they lose the moral values, nonetheless, that is still an important value that persists here in Taiwan, from what I have heard and rarely seen by the short time to be here. Since younger brothers and sisters cannot call by the name to their older brothers or sisters and the deepest respect people have on their parents are good signs in creation of a respectful society.
There are other issues that are less noticeable such as is not that common to see young woman pregnant, in fact, I have seen a few pregnant woman since I’m here in Taiwan. Cross hands to deny something,
Without mood to excuse, I would like to let you know that this has been my first impression in the first month in Taiwan, of course I’m really interested in culture and for sure I will be able to write in a more precise and realistic of Taiwanese lifestyle and customs in the remaining time to be here.