Hi my name is Mario Sanchez, and I am graduate student of Mechanical Engineering in Kun Shan University. Personally, I regard the Chinese language as a belonging to one of the wonders human beings have created in this world, and I am happy for the opportunity to study the language like this one.

But at the same time, I feel the need to comment on the great difficulty learning this language presents to me at the present time. The need to learn a new alphabet, memorize an unimaginable quantity of characters, to practice writing, learn pronunciation and live in a society where another language is also spoken (Taiwanese) requires 100 % dedication.

In my case, this isn’t impossible but is very difficult because my visit is to obtain a Master of Sciences degree. I must dedicate most of my time to studying for my courses in addition to accomplishing all the laboratory tests required for the final project. I feel I don’t have sufficient time to study Chinese.

However, right now with a year of my university program already behind me, I think that if I balance my time well, I will be able to learn this language by only speaking Chinese.