An hour before arriving to Taipei, a flight attendant woke me up and she asked me what would you like for breakfast? American breakfast or Asian food? So I reply: Asian food, because I was looking forward to tasting Taiwanese food. The result was rice soup and tofu.’ Being honest, I regret about that decision, it tasted completely different from what I was used to taste back home.


I have to say that at the beginning was so hard to find out food, and I was wasting weight, because I didn’t eat properly, nevertheless, with the time I’ve been getting used to the Taiwanese food, besides, I know more places now, I already know what can I eat, what I want and where can I find it out.
There’s a cafeteria in the basement of my dorm, where I can buy Taiwanese food with a homemade taste, and it has helped a lot in my likes. The first thing I tried there was ‘fried rice’ (or as we say chaofan, according to the sound), but I’m not sure if it is my favorite one. Because I have also tried many different foods that I like in this order of importance:
  • The bread which is my favorite food here.
  • Dumplings
  • Hot pots
  • Sea food
The bread in Taiwan is the best I have ever tried, so what I really enjoy is go to and have breakfast in any bakery, and I remark any because I know that the bread is delicious everywhere.
The bread here is always fresh, whatever I tried, it could be chocolate, something sweet, something salad, but a t the end it is always the same, excellent.
In the case of dumplings, I heard about them before coming, I also tried them some days before coming to Taiwan, in a meeting of the Taiwanese embassy in Nicaragua. Sometimes I’m looking for healthy food, that’s why I always choose the boiled ones and not the fried ones, but anyway they have pork inside the most of times, so even if is delicious I think they are not that healthy.
Hotpots, this is a special and fun case, because the first time I tried hotpots was with some Taiwanese friends so they encourage me to try stinky tofu, duck intestine and blood with rice in the same hotpot, but anyway I feel proud to have tried that time, because I know that most of foreigners refuse to try these kind of food.
Nonetheless, I have tried seafood hotpots and it feels nice especially in this winter season, it helps a lot with the low temperatures.
Seafood it is famous the quality, the freshness and the way Taiwanese people cook seafood, and now I understand why this famous comments back home. The strict demands of Asian people with fresh products and fresh food, and at the beginning it was so strange for me to see fishes still alive in the restaurants, which means that you always eat fresh seafood.
I think that in general, Taiwanese food is really nice, especially for people from the other hemisphere, since we are not used to things that we don’t even know that exist, or try different foods with a flavor completely different from the one we are used to. In my particular case, we eat the red beans in a salty way, but there are eaten sweet in here, or the tofu, which is basically the same as the cheese we have.
I have been here for almost four month and I know I’m getting used to the food day by day, so now I’m sure that at the end of my program I will say this: ‘I really miss the strange food I tried in Taiwan’


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