There are many different kinds of Taiwanese food. Since I’ve been in Taiwan, I have been able to see hundreds of different dishes, many of whom I have not been able to try yet; some of them I haven’t tried simply because I do not know their names, and it is hard for me to order them, others because I’m not sure what they are and I’m afraid I might just not like them. The night markets all over Taipei are great places to see, smell and try different kinds of Taiwanese food. Usually when I go to a night market, I see new dishes, but not all of them look attractive. I usually try some new dish when I go to the night markets, but most of the time I choose to try a dish because somebody I know has already tried it and recommend it to me.

Among the many different dishes I have tried, my favorite dish is fried rice; but not any fried rice, even though I like them all, I especially like the one that is served in my dorm’s restaurant, because the cooks put some pepper on it, and this gives the rice a special taste that I like very much. I also like to put a lot of soy sauce on my fried rice, but I prefer the thick one to the more liquid one.
I also like the dumplings very much, but the steamed ones, not the fried ones, and as for the fried rice, I like to put a lot of thick soy sauce on them. The thing I like about the dumplings is their pork filling, mixed with something else, which I’m not sure what it is, but I like very much. I usually eat 15 of them every time, because they are small, so I need many of them to feel satisfied. The third dish I usually eat and really like is won ton noodle soup. The thing I like the most about this dish is that I can eat it when I’m not very hungry, because it is light, and I like the vegetables in it.
There are also many dishes I have tried in different restaurants and in the night markets, but I can’t remember their names because they are in Chinese, I just remember the way they look. Usually I like one kind of dish very much, the one that consists of a kind of pastry made of white flour filled with different kinds of meat, usually pork, and vegetables. Another kind I like a lot is the dishes that look like a tortillas and are made of egg, or at least have a lot of egg on them.
I have tried hot pot, and some of the combinations I like them, especially the ones with seafood on them. I also like tofu very much, even though I know many foreigners don’t like it, I do, especially on soup. I even like the stinky tofu; because once it is cooked it does not taste bad. The soups I have tried are usually good, even though some of them are quite simple, and do not have a strong taste, I like how can they accompany the meals.
Finally, one of my favorite things here in Taiwan is tea, I love how there are hundreds of different combinations of tea, hot and cold. I love that I can find a teashop everywhere, to buy iced tea. One of my favorites is the green tea mixed with passion fruit, it is very refreshing so I like to drink it when is very hot or when I am very thirsty. I also like milk tea a lot, and sometimes I like to drink milk tea with ice cream.
Since I am going to be here for at least a year and a half, I think I will have a lot of opportunities to try new dishes and even might end up liking some of those I still can’t get use to. Taiwan has a lot of different dishes and I think it is worth trying as many of them as possible.