Each person has his own taste but some foods do not let a choice to those people having opportunity to get them on their dining table. It’s the case of DUMPLING that I enjoyed so much since the day I had a chance to discover it with one of my friends in a restaurant not so far from the department of Aquaculture (NTOU).I know that many people like it as well as me and the proof is that I have met several people there, both Taiwanese and foreigners.
For those people (particularly international students) who didn’t account for this delicious Taiwanese dish, I invite them to try, I’m sure they will enjoy it maybe more than me and why not the Taiwanese themselves. I tried to know how DUMPLING is cooked but for now, my Chinese is not so strong to understand.
 DUMPLING has a history which dates back to many years ago according to one of my professor who related me the history.Endeed, DUMPLING is one of the major foods eaten during the Chinese New year. At that time, in the familly, may hide a coin in the dumpling and the person who found it will likely have a good fortune in the New Year. It is cooked using meats (pork, beef or fish…) and also with vegetables. There is "boiling DUMPLING" and "fried DUMPLING", all of them very delicious. In the restaurant all the waitress speak only Chinese and it’s a big opportunity to practice your Chinese.This delicious dish (fried one) has a particular ressemblance to a dish originated from my country called "SAAMSA".However I did not like this dish (SAAMSA) when I was in my country, which is a little funny! Why did I like and still like the dumpling which greatly looks like SAMSA?Reason unknown but I do like it!
Great thanks to ICDF Newsletter and all of you
Merry Chrismas and Happy Chinese New Year
Salam Sawadogo,From BURKINA FASO
National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU)
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