My Name is Miguel Conrado Valdez and I am from Honduras. I came to Taiwan in order to achieve my Master degree in Environmental Sustainable Development, and as many students which to learn more about Taiwanese culture and enjoy besides the studies the experience of living in a country that has become an example to the world and has such a different culture. At the beginning the change wasn’t totally felt since we were sharing mostly with foreign students, but at the moment we arrived at our Universities than the change was complete, normal Taiwanese life style and food, although its different, I can say that this change is fully good, at the beginning the food becomes in a cultural shock, but is now something that you start to enjoy and really appreciate.


The experience of life sharing and traveling in Taiwan is unlikely unforgettable, there are many reasons that make this kind of experience unique in your life. Although time in University has the optimum conditions for living and is for students very convenient, traveling inside this country becomes in a need in order to fully use your time free and share your experiences and have cultural exchange with Taiwanese people.

For me I had several traveling experiences, one in Kending at the very southern part of the country located in Pingtung County, a native village called Tamei, and Yehliu at north Taiwan. In the trip to south Taiwan there was a mixture of Taiwanese friends, French and Honduras.


In Kending: the natural resources are very well-managed and there is a totally good tourism infrastructure making the visitor feel and have many facilities to make this trip in a wonderful experience. When you travel around the National park we can say that Natural resources compared to our country are few, as we are rich countries in Natural resources, the difference is the tourism infrastructure and the facilities there are, Taiwan in my opinion is an example to copy for using our natural resources for tourism, the amiability of southern people is also incomparable. I had the joy of being in the tail of Taiwan. A park located in the south peak of the Island where the sight is wonderful and you can feel the sea breeze.


Tamei: in the same trip to Southern Taiwan I had as it is until now the best experience in this country, I had the opportunity to share with a family the moon festival and several days living in the village, in which I enjoyed the deliciousness of Taiwanese food, many plates of different food, we shared dancing experiences, Taiwanese music, Honduran music and French music, and felt like it was my family, even though the language is different the communication was totally fluid and had no difficulties to express ourselves. There besides the sight, and family we enjoyed the hot springs, which we also have in our country, but again infrastructure makes a big difference. At the end this experience was total culture and sharing and it is by far the best one in the country.

Yehliu: This park is a total natural resource beauty, our University prepared for us a trip in which we traveled to Yehliu, Palace Museum, and Yangmin mountain located at the north of Taipei, with all the foreign students of the University, people from all around the world, Honduras of course, Burkina Faso, Korea, Belize, France, India, Mongolia, and of course Taiwanese people. The trip in my opinion was well planned and completely filled my expectations as I have never seen natural beauty like Yehliu National Park the only thing is that I wished I could stay more time there.



At the end I can say that my experience has been great, since I have met local people and other foreign students making this cultural shock easier to manage and to enjoy my stay in this beautiful country and fully accomplish our main goal which is to achieve our Degree and learn more about the Taiwanese culture. Thanks to ICDF and NCU for making it possible to us to get to know this country and to exchange experiences and culture. And most of all, thanks for the scholarship.