I will share some of the fantastic experiences I have lived as a student here at Taiwan. The real reason for me to study here was to learn from people that have a different life style and culture from mine.

When I arrived here I was all excited because I wanted to meet a lot of people, make new friends and learn from them. I did not realize that my excitement was soon going to come to an end. When I reach at the Taiwan airport, every thing was fine because the people there were very friendly. At the airport we meet the manager of chuto plaza hotel, where we were going to spend our next two weeks. Well, here was the beginning of my journey; we went to Chuto plaza and there I came to know other students of other countries. That was a beautiful experience; my dream was coming true. After all the socializing, I decided to go out and meet some Taiwanese people.

As I moved out of the Chuto plaza main doors, I felt something that I can’t explain, may be it can be compared as what Columbus felt when he discovered what he called “the new world”. After that strange feeling, I made a step towards the road and wondered what experiences I was going to have here and if that experiences would make of me a better individual. So, as I walked along the roadside, I just walked without direction; I just let my instincts guide me. I walked for several minutes and suddenly something captured my attention. I was amazed at what I saw, there were a group of people around a small house with very unique statues of dragons which seemed to be bizarre birds, for me that was amazing. I have never seen something like that. So I just hold on to my curiosity and stared at the house as I passed by. That day I did not try to speak to anyone, I returned to the hotel. During the two weeks at the chuto plaza, nothing much happened. Then we went to the NTNU where I was going to stay for three weeks and learn about the culture and believes of the Taiwanese people.

Well here I came to know Cindy. She was very friendly and helpful to us. I was very happy to know that she was going to be in charge of us in our school. After one week of being there I decided to go and accomplish my first goal, which was to make friends. I walk out of the university and went to a small night market near by. I met a lot of people on the way but I did not speak to them. After walking for a while, I decided to speak to a guy who was selling school stuff. To my surprise, making friends was not going to be as easy as I thought. I was trying to speak to the guy but he did not understand me, neither did I understand him. So I just put back the book, that I wanted and walked away depressed. At that moment, I started to miss my home. Then I thought that my dream of having Taiwanese friends was never going to become a reality, that my dream was just an illusion. My dream was going to be destroyed by the language barrier that exists between the western and the Asian world.

After hours of thinking of home; I reflected back and decided to take the challenge and achieve my goal. The three weeks passed, as blinks of an eye, when I realized I was already in NationalCentralUniversity where I was going to spend two years of my life. Now, I am meeting new people and enjoying my life to the max. I come to understand that people here are very friendly but at the same time shy, but if you ask for help they will try their best to help you, if they can. So, I come to the conclusion that perseverance is the secret to success; never ever abandon your dreams strive hard and you will achieve any thing that you want in life. “CHAYO” (GO FOR IT PADNA)