We can describe culture shock as the physical and emotional discomfort one suffers when coming to live in another country or a place different from the place of origin. Often, the way that we lived before is not ccepted as or considered as normal in the new place. Everything is different, for example, not speaking the language, not knowing how to use banking machines, not knowing how to use the telephone and so forth.

As a new foreigner in Taiwan, experience the cultural shock in my on flesh, it has been very interesting, also a whole of different feelings together ; some of them are very nice ( the feeling of meeting new people, places; learning a different culture, etc) but some of them are not good ( loneliness, homesick, etc.).

Life is full of experiences; this one is an experience I will never forget. I used to lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA; I was 9 years old, it was very nice meeting new friends to play with, also the cultural shock wasn’t very strong, because my home country Costa Rica is very similar culturally talking with USA. I just remember at the beginning how hard is that no one understand you and yet worst not understand anybody! But that is not compared as Taiwan, not just for the language, I was a 9 years old, so I learned English in months and there was no new letters to learn.

Situation here is very different, culture is a thing we foreigners cannot understand easy, I still can’t after living almost four months. After meeting new friends, I get angry with my self
sometimes, because I want to talk, but no one understand me, that feeling is the worst I had feel here, although some of this new friends can speak English very good; but is not all, I realize that Taiwanese sense of humor is very different, sometimes people get hurt or just doesn’t realize it was a joke.

The food is something we cannot miss, is very different the way how is cooked. Some foreigners can’t stand Taiwanese food, as for me I can, but be careful where you eat, specially
because you can get sick, I have been twice. In general the food is very delicious , specially the noodles, fried rice and all kind of teas you can drink. I had never drink too much tea until now , they are very good!

The way of living is something to be get used to, at the beginning is very hard, specially is you were a full time worker in your country and was used to see for your self. Rules are very different,  specially is you are a student, Taiwanese student life is way too different from America, it’s been too long since I feel with many strings attach, have to take university orders, some of them for us has no sense, but with time we are figuring why, Taiwanese take good care of their young people.