Taiwan has welcomed me as a second home since I came last August. There are a lot of things that have amazed me very much in this country. I come from Nicaragua, Central America, a totally different environment in all the imaginable aspects. The feature that surprises me the most is the remarkable Safety life. When I referred to Safety, the first thing that comes into my mind is peace and tranquility.

Every time I talked with my friends and family, I described Taiwan as the safest country I have ever been. I like to travel a lot, and I have visited a lot of rich and poor countries. It is really impressive that you can walk in the streets and use the public transportation without the fear of being robbed. Since I have been here, I have received 2 different visits from my friends and they get impressed about how is everything here, just exactly how I described it in my emails.

I believe that one of the main reasons of the serenity of this nation is because Taiwanese people are committed to human contribution, this means that they work together to make a better place to live in. They can be well called as nationalist citizens that really love their country. It is impressive how you can learn good and remarkable values in here. The security is a treasure that we have lost not only in my country but also in so many countries in the world, and we need to work hard on that to get it back for the future of our progenies. The citizens of Taiwan have a big respect of the authorities, another value that we left behind in many of our nations.

It is funny that I am always making jokes with my friends and classmates about how trustable you can be in here, because you can leave almost everything and being sure that you are going to find it in the same place as the same way that you left it. I live in Hsinchu, a city that is a base for high technology industry in Taiwan, where the science and technology park is located. Around 4 months ago, I lost my debit card once when I was in SOGO department store and a week later I received a call from the customer service department to let me know that they had my card and it was safe. By that time, I didn’t notice and then I realized that there are honorable people already existing in this world. 

Last semester, my roommate Anaely and other friend from Nicaragua, Veralia, found a wallet in the street with money. It is admirable that they did not think it twice to take the wallet to the police station, so the authorities will take the charge to give the wallet back to the owner. The next morning, she received a thankful call from a Taiwanese man. She told me that the feeling of her good acting was indescribable and invaluable.

By the time I leave Taiwan I am not only going to miss a lot of great aspects I have found in this nation but I am also going to miss it’s unbelievable daily lifestyle in what protection refers. Taiwan is a very crowded country, it has approximately 23 million of people and the great feeling of being in the night markets with harmony is priceless. I have been enjoying the living in this place, a country that is leaving me a lot of good memories that I am going to take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Taiwan!

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