Taiwan is a beautiful country, with nice places to visit in Taipei as well as in the country side. People are different in terms of culture, attitude, and we do not share the same values. Living in Taipei for study is challenging and it offers a rich cultural experience: there are so many surprises and things to discover. One of the surprises I am going to talk about is the way people (some people) care for pets!

I like pet, especially dogs, cat (depend on the color). But in Taiwan, it was amazing to see how much people care about pets, dog essentially. There are several species and sizes of dogs: from the smallest o the biggest, some cute and others really “ugly.”

It is so common to meet people, single or in couple, carrying pets in bags, and even in cradle. Cradle for dog! How surprised I was when I saw for the first time pets in cradle! Some people like so much their pets that they bottle-feed them. Of course for pups and sick animals, it is wise to bottle-feed them, but not for dogs, I mean not pups and healthy animals!

In my culture we also like animals: it is common to find a pet in each family, essentially dog, “man’s best friend”. By taking care of animals, children learn patience; they also learn to become responsible. But animals do not receive the similar treatment like children in the family.

While in my country you will never see an animal carried in cradle (some babies do not enjoy this opportunity), in Taiwan it seems common to meet people carrying pets in bags or cradles.

One day in the MRT station at Shipai, a young lady carried a cradle with two dogs. At the station, she started bottle-feeding them. And all the people around were very surprised: she looked so odd! She did not pay any attention to people, and after resting, she left the MRT Station carrying her precious ‘luggage.

I wonder why these people, especially young ladies between 23 to 35 years old, do not care about babies but pets! In fact they are often in couple, the man carrying the bag with the dog, and the lady very attentive about their movement. The answer I received is that it is easier to take care of pets than kids.

I know that pets may be a good companion, and it is interesting to have animals at home for children. Older people also like pets to sometime overcome loneliness. But it is essential to avoid any confusion between pets and kids.

In my culture and for my understanding, Child is GOD Blessing. Therefore it is not wise to substitute child with pets.

In addition, there is a risk of contracting animal diseases and to contaminate other people. There is also a risk to leave in loneliness with pets by giving them more importance than human being.

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