Hello there. My name is Reinaldo Granados and I’m a student in KSU (Kun Shan University), and I just want to tell you something about my experience learning Chinese.

Well, like everybody else, when I just got to Taiwan I was really scared with this language. I was just walking on the street trying to understand at least one word of this weird language called Chinese. Back in that time everything just sounded like the people were screaming at each other - almost fighting.

I have been in Taiwan for almost a year. During this year, I’ve been taking Chinese classes at my university. Three hours a week is not a lot, because the Chinese language is a difficult language but I have learned a lot from my classes now.

I have to be honest, in the beginning I was so scared about Chinese, but after this year I changed my mind. Now I can go out on the street, and I am able to understand some words, some phrases, and if I want to buy or ask for something I can do it. It just makes me feel very good and confident in this country where everything is so different from home.

I know that I have much more to learn, and I have to study a lot more. I will study hard because I would like to be able to talk more with people on the streets, make more friends and have more good experiences here in Taiwan.