The very first sensations when I arrived here were the feelings of not knowing what to do or how to do things in a new environment, and not knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate because the way that I lived before is quite different with the life style in Taiwan.

Other important things are for example not speaking the language, not knowing how to use simple everyday items such as banking machines, telephones, or not knowing how to take a bus, with some afraid to do new things or go to new places.

Sometimes communication problems such as not being understood, food, attitude, and customs, can make me feel uncomfortable.


But with passing of the days I am gaining some understanding of Taiwan's culture, country, and its people, new feeling of pleasure and sense of humor because all of them are very kind, helping me with my daily life and I feel a psychological balance.

Nowadays I’m in these days of integration, and I have a feeling of direction, getting more familiar with the environment and having a feeling of wanting to belong, helping me to define myself and begin establishing goals.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Talking with my Taiwanese friends and with my teachers at my school help me to feel better.

I am sure that after the culture shock, I will find that I have a fresh outlook on my own culture and its roots, and will gain new ways of understanding myself.