Learning Chinese was one of my personals goals at the time when I decide to come to Taiwan, but once I was here I realize the difficulty of this language, people say that for us is easier to learn English because some how are similar to the Spanish but what a surprise for me was to listen a completely different language in sound, no one word similar to my native language, but ok I understood that about Chinese, and thought, lets start from the beginning and then my Chinese teacher refuse to talk in English, so, if I had some question I said it in English but she start to explain in Chinese, I didn’t understand at that moment but now I am able to understand that the mind just is forced to work if its has the necessity, and in this case the necessity was created from the very beginning.

But right now almost one year after I came to this island of wonder people and magical places, I know that still there is a long path to walk, may be I am in the meddle part of my journey in Taiwan but not in the meddle of leaning Chinese but this is a reason more to accelerate even if I know that the time is not going to be enough my goal still push me harder forward. To Know how to speak, listening, reading and writing Chinese will be than important as today is English, I am sure of that, so this opportunity of learn among the people who was born to manage this beauty language is something that I have to take advantage now.

But talking a little of was is the really experience of learning, I found out that no just in class I can learn, everyday in my laboratory with my Taiwanese friend I learn something new, and this constantly contact is helping a lot in going a little bit faster in listening and understanding, because the real challenge is out when you talk with the people, there is when the funny part of leaning makes its appears, is a total challenge when you want to make your point in a restaurant of may be in a little store, or just asking for some address because you are lost.

Ahhh yes and about my university language center, let my say that I am really lucky to receive my classes in the Chinese language center of Sun Yat Sen University which is one of the best here in the south part of Taiwan, has a spectacular view to the see and is located in a high part of a mountain and my classmates from a variety of country like Germany, Japan, Poland, South Corea, well just the best place to learn. Well what else can I say? No better way to learn Chinese that here and now.

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