To learn Mandarin for me has been a very interesting experience as Mandarin is very different from the other languages I've learned like English. Learning Mandarin is not only its writing by countless characters that are used but also the pronounciation of four different tones for a word that can change even if the same script in Ping-Ying but their tones can make it become a completely different word to others. I have made mistakes in the use of tones. It turned My good intention to not good one.

On the other hands, Mandarin for me is one of the three most important languages in the world. I am from a country in Latin America, and the incorporation of the Chinese market to these countries has led many professionals not only interested in studying English, where native languages are Spanish or Portuguese, but we are thinking in Asian markets, making us more competitive professionals in a market where competition is fierce. Any professional who speaks English and Chinese automatically becomes a very competitive and with more opportunities to get a better job with their academic and professional background.

I considered to learn Mandarin is an value-added to my master's study with the help of the ICDF. I get my master classes in English which do not allow me to practice the language more as other programs for foreign study, but instead I take Mandarin in my university which I consider excellent teaching in every sense, quality education of teachers and the methodology used.

I also enhance my skills in Mandarin by means of language exchange. This means that I teach my students culture and language and instead I get knowledge about their culture and Mandarin. I practice once a week three hours now. I consider it as a cultural exchange in which I and local students are able to speak new language altogether. I have undertaken the challenge in less than two years since my stay in this country. Now I speak the language or Mandarin in a rather smooth. I believe with great excitement and effort I can do better and better.

I am convinced that the Taiwanese people by nature are those who always give you a hand at all times. Many of the words I have learned are when I am on the streets of TAINAN with the humble and simple people. They have been like my teachers as long as I practice Mandarin with them. Now I am proud that I can always use correct good tones and pronunciations of words.

By Enrique Ulises Blandon Bautista
National Cheng kung University