It has been almost one year I am in the beautiful Formosa Island. Mandarin has been one of my goals in this country. I am really trying to get into it but as well as everybody knows it is kind of hard but not impossible. At the beginning it was complicated because I really couldn’t understand anything. Nowadays is almost the same but I am trying to improve myself every day. I have taken mandarin classes but time with Master program sometimes is tough, but when I hear Taiwanese talking, I get excited because it is a beautiful and interesting language. It is amazing to study how each character has its own history and sometimes is even more interesting when characters reflect things of their own meaning. I really want to speak it, at least 75% (my goal). It will be hard but I think I can do it. I am always trying to listen to conversations, study new vocabulary, write characters and the most difficult, remember everything. Studying mandarin requires time and passion. my Taiwanese friends are always trying to help me. It is a good help. I am happy when I start talking and local people can understand me. That’s an amazing feeling because you can see that you know how to speak but sometimes when you don’t understand anything it isn’t good at all, especially when you need something.

I think everything is practice in this world and the more you get into the Taiwanese culture the more you will learn mandarin. I love Taiwanese culture and I am happy that I am studying mandarin. I’ve been trying to take extra classes and that has been a good help. Even when I cannot understand it at all but I know I am improving. Patience is another factor. Dedication is related with patience. So the more I study, the more I will learn. My advice for foreign people is to be passionate with this beautiful language and study as much as you can. As conclusion I love this language and I am trying to do my best to learn it. 我要說中文得很好所以我念書很多. 謝謝ICDF.

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