This Year’s Moon Festival was my First holiday experience in Taiwan and as such I classify it as unforgettable. It was fun, educational and most important it provided me with the opportunity to be introduced to my new family- The Kun Shan University ICDF students and staff.
Like in most gatherings and holidays, there is always some special meal to go with it. Well this couldn’t fail to do just that. There were Moon Cakes and Barbeque, both were very tasty, as a matter of fact that might just be one of the main reasons why I can’t wait for 2011 to come. On the night before the Moon festival an activity was organized for us, where each student was given the opportunity to Barbeque a peace of meat or marine product of his or her choice. I chose chicken, as it is my favorite. Sizzling, spicy peaces of chicken, pork, beef and shrimps were lined up on the Grills. The smoke of the coal along with that released by each type of meat made a mouthwatering taste and a pleasant smell that filled the atmosphere. How could I not want another Moon festival?
After my temporary job as Chef was over I then made my way to a quiet, lonely   and open area to watch the moon, luckily the weather was just right that night; the sky was clear and the wind blew with moderate strength and temperature. I stared at the sky for quite some time hoping that I’d see something unusual yet welcoming, like a shooting star. Well I did see something; a bat flew crazily almost hitting me on the head. The silence seized, as I couldn’t stop laughing. That was fun!
Here at my University there is a party every weekend, a holiday could not ask for any less. Knowing that Taiwan has very few Holidays, every minute was cherished and made full use of. We all partied like rock stars. We sang, danced and feasted on boxes of moon cakes that were given to us.
On the actual Night of the Moon Festival some friends and I went to Amping- It’s the closest beach nearby. Our motive was to get a better view of the fire works and to light some of our own. Well the scenery was really beautiful as the sky was decorated with of all sorts of colors and the beach by hundreds and hundreds of happy people. Cameras were flashing everywhere and the booming sounds over sounded the laughter at times. Again, I had a terrific time. Perhaps the only disappointment I had at the time was to know that the following day was not going to be the same; back to school it was.
I am going to be living in Taiwan for four years, that’s a long time, while being here my priority is to study mechanical engineering but as I do so I will certainly learn to speak mandarin and embrace the culture so that I can make my stay here as most happy as possible. With that said, I’ll cherish every opportunity there is to cherish, the Moon Festival was my first and as such an unforgettable experience, than you!
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