I think, the first time when I heard of this festival, I imagined that it was a simple story that was transmitted from generation to generation through time with the sole aim of preserving a tradition in the lives of the Taiwanese people and people who practice it. Myfirst impression about it was this celebration exposed by a cheerful smile, seeing friends and sharing great moments with each other and family.

I think this activity is not only contemplate the beauty of the moon and its immense size, but also the needs to be with people who love you and appreciate you and know that this is not just a tradition more, but a life of many years ago that left indelible marks and want to re-live them.
In my case, I shared a delicious BBQ and a delicious Moon Cake, I think That was amazing, cause I was with my new friends from Taiwan and other countries around the world, I made a few designs on the skin of the grapefruit and competed in the best design, while we delight in knowing that everyone was enjoying the moment.
During this celebration, especially at night, the main protagonist is the moon, where it reaches its maximum size and splendor. This is the reason that people of all ages go out of their homes and workplaces to see that beautiful star that shines and lights the world that day, with great splendor. Currently it is very normal for people to organize group activities to promote this joyous tradition, but the more important of this, is to share with someone close to you, for example: family, friends, boyfriends / girlfriends; Without this, I think it would have no sense, and sad, even if the story is dynamic and exciting, there is not a better way to share this moment with people who love you and you want.
There are some Chinese sayings: "When the moon is full, the humanity is one." I like this because it reflects people as a single universe and there is one star that shines and illuminates on me, so it should be in our life, the same love and care, should shelter completely to us.
How to celebrate it? Part of the rites of this day is to make offerings to the moon. The offerings are more traditional moon cakes and grapefruits (Pomelo). The moon cake is an indispensable snack at this time. The design is like a full moon. The cakes symbolize family unity and perfection. I think this festival is not well celebrated if it has not these two things mentioned above, because they are two of the special ingredients of this festival.
Recently I made the comment to my dad (in Nicaragua), about this celebration, What is that and how it is celebrated, and he said "One of the Biggest experiences and memories that I have in my mind, are the moments that I shared with my friends, so this is a good time to share with new friends and show a spirit of love and understanding for those who are not part of your blood, but are part of a life,…. your life, "This is actually true, in Taiwan there are many traditions, but when they come to celebrate something, it is big, not restriction in nothing, to show that they are people of great values and principles that are not intimidated by the circumstances and even the storm, although the winds blow strong and the nature is devastating, but the spirit of survival and overcoming is bigger than that and will remain part of their lives.
"Celebration is not sharing and then continuing living, it is sharing a lifetime to live without limitations”  
 Silvio Blanco.


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