Hello, my name is Andrew Gray and I want to share with you my experience during the Moon Festival. In Taiwan, people usually celebrate the Moon Festival annually. At NTOU, the mood for the celebration of this festival was full of excitement.   The day was quite busy as the students and staffs tried to finish their jobs in order to participate in some of the activities on campus, while others had to get back home to celebrate with their families and friends. Others, on the other hand, stuck to their academic work and never had time off for the moon festival day. But what about the international students experience during this moon festival day? Well, it was quite an experience, because all the international students gathered together with the staffs of the international students’ affairs and interacted with each other in a kind of an ice breaking atmosphere.
The gathering began with light refreshment. I really enjoyed the moon cake and few other cakes with the Chinese tea and other drinks. Then it was time for the fun to begin. We were going to play a special kind of game; it was about the pilling off of the pomelo fruit skin. One person had to compete with another person and whoever finished first would put the skin of the pamelo fruit on the loser’s head. That was the idea of the game and everybody wanted to be the winner. We were then divided into two groups and each time the two groups selected their best to compete.
The first two went to the front and with small knives in their hands tried all possible ways to pill the pomelo fruit skin off as soon as possible. Each time two people competed, the game ended with so much laughter and excitement with praise and support from the group members. Few were too shy to compete but with somekind of enforcements they had to compete and surprisingly they won. Then it was my turn, I went up and compete with a female opponent. I won that round so I put the pamelo skin on her head, we took a few photos and the game continued on. As I said earlier, the atmosphere was relaxing and full of fun. I really enjoyed that time of interaction, not only with other fellow students but with the staffs who were present during that time.
A small reflection after the game reminds me of the fact that after all the excitement of being here in Taiwan; I will have to compete against time to complete my study programme which will last only for two years. My experience during the moon festival was that I had fun and really enjoyed the time spent with other students and staffs. I now have a lot of friends from other countries. So with their company and the friendly people of Taiwan I am feeling comfortable and enjoying my time in Taiwan so far. So I am looking forward to the next festival and hope to meet more friends from abroad and in Taiwan.


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