Happy Moon Festival! 中秋節快!. I have lived in Taiwan more than a year and I have had the opportunity to celebrate twice the Moon day Festival. My first year I had just arrived in Taiwan, actually I had less than a monthI did not know anything about the holiday or what the meaning of this celebration wasIsawmany people doing barbecues everywhere so my friends and I decided to follow the others and we had a BBQ. It was pretty funny because none of us knew how to light the charcoal for the BBQ; actually it took us like one hour, a lot of our air and energy until finally get some fire and we started cooking.
My second time I celebrated the Moon Festival was a little differentI must say that this time was the best Moon Festival I ever had. I celebrated it with my Taiwanese friends, we prepared all in advance so we could have all the traditional things of the festival: moon cakes (my favorite one with sweet beans but not the one with the egg), pomelos and of course a lot of food for the BBQ, it was delicious! This time things were faster, my Taiwanese friends are definitive professionals in terms of BBQs I think, because they even brought an electric blow torch that lighted up the charcoal in less than a minute. After the meal we played cards, we sang songs and even danced. Finally the most important we spent a time looking at the moon, it was so romantic!  
Over the last year I have made many Taiwanese friends who always taught me about the local traditions and of course they told me the real meaning of the Festival. So here it is the story: Hou Yi was an archer who shut down nine suns that suddenly appeared on the sky, he then became a king and married Chang’e, a beautifully young girl. Hou Yi wanted to live eternally so he asked his servants to find a way to become immortal. His servants found a pill for immortality but Chang’e was very curious and she swallowed the pill; when she did that, she instantly flied to the moon.Once in the moon Chang’e met the Jade Rabbit that lived in the moon. She asked the rabbit to create a medicine so she could come back to the earth but the Jade Rabbit wasn’t able to make it and even he had been working hard for thousands of years. Since then, every month when the moon is full and bright we can see the Jade Rabbit making his heavenly medicine, so the last Moon day I kept a close eye on the moon but couldn’t see more than clouds, the moon itself and Venus very close to the moon. I don’t know if this is the real story (I actually read on internet like three different versions about the origins of the moon festival)  but even if is not the original story this is the one I like the most and will keep it as the official one.
I read somewhere a Chinese proverb that says when the moon is full, mankind is one. For Chinese people the full moon always represents the gatherings of friends and family. No matter if the story above is real or not, I think the most special about the Moon festival is that you can spend the day with your love ones (although the BBQ is very important too). No matter your family or your friends, the important thing is staying together. That was what I did: celebrate the Moon day Festival with my dearest friends and promote greatly interactions among Taiwan ICDF scholarship recipients