The Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month. It's also known as the Mid-autumn Festival and is one of the most important holidays on the Chinese calendar. This year the Mid-autumn Festival was celebrated on September 22nd, and I was excited to celebrate one of the biggest and most important holidays here in Taiwan.

Days before the Mid-autumn festival came, my friends and I were looking for what to do on this special day and tried to find out what Taiwanese people do to celebrate the Moon festival by asking our friends and our roommates. After all the research, what we found out was that Taiwanese people usually celebrate the Moon festival by holding family or friend get-togethers and having outdoors barbecue. 

We started planning what we were going to need for the barbecue; we made a list and went to the supermarket. When we got to the supermarket, there were a lot of people also buying.  I was really surprised how practical Taiwanese people are, in the supermarket’s meat section you were able to find seasoned and marinated meat, meat in sticks all packed and ready to go; therefore people don’t have to worry about preparing and seasoning the meats. Barbecue equipment was everywhere. We spent almost 2 hours in the supermarket but we got what we needed for the barbecue.

At the University, we found a spot near the lake area to have the barbeque. We had trouble trying to light the flame and we asked for help, after that, we started cooking. We had a lot of food and we were 6 persons. Everyone was starving, but the food was not ready, meanwhile we ate some snacks bought from a 7-11. The best part was when we started eating, while eating there was a moment of silence; you could only listen to people bites. We really enjoyed this moment.

It was a beautiful night; it was a quiet night without a silk of cloud, a round moon in the sky and a little mild breeze. We were full of all the things we ate and we stayed resting and spent the rest of the night listening to music, singing and admiring the beautiful full moon.

When I think about the Moon festival, what come to my mind are moon cakes. The moon cake is a special snack for the Moon Festival. People go to great lengths to get good moon cakes and give them as a gift. They come in cute boxes. During this season, you can find moon cakes everywhere; even Starbucks was selling moon cakes. The moon cakes are little thick pastry filled usually with an egg yolk or beans inside. My advice is that you should try them at least once. I tried one with red beans and for my taste it was not bad and I’m a picky person.

Pomelos are in season during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and are often given as a gift along with moon cakes. My roommate is Taiwanese and she gave me a Pomelo and told me that this fruit is eaten during this festival. At the beginning, I was scared to eat it because I didn’t know the taste but when I tried it, I really liked it, and I realized that it tasted to me like grapefruit. According to Taiwanese tradition, wearing the peel of the pomelo on your head means a good luck.
My experience during the Moon Festival is unforgettable. I had a lot of fun, ate a lot and shared with great friends.
My best wishes to all and I hope the Moon Festival bring us happiness for the whole year!

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