My name is Donovan Cacho from the country of Belize, which is located on the western side of the world. Coming to Taiwan was new for me, so I knew nothing of the traditions or celebrated one in Taiwan. 
My experience during the Moon Festival was very interesting for me. I was fortunate enough to take part in a customary tradition of peeling of a special fruit called the “Pamelo” back home in Belize we call that fruit “Grapefruit”. I previously joined the international club who introduced me to this event. They presented about the mission of the club and what are the goals along with past events that they took part in, like helping unfortunate countries with community work in Cambodia last summer. After the presentation and discussion about the club came the fun part that I then came to find out. We took part in groups to challenge each other to see who can peel this round and yellow looking citrus fruit the fastest. I got to say it was really fun, I thought I could peel it very fast but my other international colleague proved me wrong, they were much faster and left the audience observing stunned but laughing so loud. After we peeled the fruit we got to eat them as well and they were very tasty. At the end were some small prizes for the winners in both male and female categories as a token of appreciation for participation. I was also given some special snacks called “moon cake” which were some small cakes of different shapes and tastes that I enjoyed very much. It was so new and exciting because I have never participated in an event like this oneI guess it was a part of my culture shock experience as well that I accepted with open arms and welcomed. 
The people in my club were very friendly so I truly can see why they are in the international club. I also learned that during the Moon Festival is when people do a lot grill chicken that is what I would call “bar-b-q” back at home; we also do this type of food when we are having an important or great event. Also during that time I took a trip to a friend’s home where we talked and I also met some of my country men and women, we also ate and drink and all discussed our many experiences in Taiwan in our short arrival so far. We also made and ate some of our cultural foods as well then as the night was approaching we left for home reminding each other of the beauty of the moon that would be seen and stars in Taiwan for that night by one of our senior here in Taiwan. I came home and took a rest setting my alarm then went outside at midnight to look and saw a beautiful night but was not too sure what to look for, so I was still kind of green to the festival experience in Taiwan. Well at the end I got to say I truly began to enjoy my new home Taiwan very much and made my first real friends there in the club. I will now take this experience back to the people of Belize and my friends and family who I am sure will want to know how life is in this very big and fast place is as compared to our small country on the other side of the world, I would just like to say in closing, thanks Taiwan and friends.
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