This year I had the best time of my life during the Moon festival which I would love to share with you all. I discovered that the moon festival or known as Mid Autumn festival since it falls on the middle of autumn is one of the various activities of the festivals here in Taiwan. 
Full moon admiring and eating moon cakes are the main features of this festival. Traditionally the full moon has symbolized the family gatherings and so the Moon festival is also regarded as family reunion.During that moon festival, my good Taiwanese Friends and I were celebrating this festival with Moon cakes and tea. It was one of my best experiences while stayinghere in Taiwan and learnt lots of different cultures of Taiwan. I felt very much at home with my friends as it reminded me of family gatherings back in my home country.According to my Taiwanese friends, they said this is an auspicious festival when the full moon is out and will have the whole family in Taiwan involved. The Myth about the Moon is that when you look into the moon you will see a pregnant lady. Some saythere is a rabbit in it. According to the Taiwanese Mythology the moon represents the light during the night and it is a time for family gatherings. They would spend this event watching the full moon and play with the lanterns during this time of the year.

They would build their lanterns with different designs and shapes. With new technology, now being more advanced they can get lanterns for sale.  During that night, my friends and I took our favorite lanterns to the park and watched the full moon. This event was celebrated with Moon cakes and Jasmine tea.We were drinking tea and gazed at the moon.  A large number of people presented during the celebration that night and they brought with them lots of interesting things to suit their own celebrations. The place had a unique look during that night, had a blaze of colour with hive of activities. At this time of the year during the mid-autumn festival, the moon is at its bestThe Moon is round and bright yellow. The mooncake, which I got, has the yolk in it representing the full moon. I should admit that I had really enjoying the rest of the night and it was one of my joyful and memorable nights with my favourite Taiwanesefriends. I also realised that this was just the beginning of the celebrations of the year while there will be lots of celebrations in the upcoming months.
I was really enjoying this time of the year, eating moon cakes and drinking tea with my good Taiwanese friends. Every year at this time during August I would be reminding myself of eating moon cakes and celebrating Moon Festival wherever I may be. My experiences during the moon cake festival are the best and most vivid time of the year for me. I would not miss out this event in the future years. The best part of the moon festival for me was to indulge myself with all the different types of moon cakes to eat. This year I had the best moon cake festival having moon cakes made from different kinds of Taiwanese Cheese. These are some of my good experiences during the Moon Festival which I would like to share with your friends and I would like to thank ICDF for giving me this opportunity to come here and explore such a wonderful experience during this unique Taiwanese culture. I also would love to thank my good friends here in Taiwan for such a wonderful and memorable night that we had shared and spent as a familygathering. I had learned a lot of the Taiwanese unique cultures and the hospitality of the Taiwanese people here around me especially my dear good friends that they always be my family here inTaiwan. I would never forget this unique Moon festival as it was also reminded me of my families and friends back in my Home Country.


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