Another day of great expectation was my feeling of encountering each day on an island which I believe is so vibrant and full of culture. Festivity was near and I was moving around with my entire body rotating through and an angle of 360 degrees because of my sudden excitement of wonder and curiosty. Taiwan was already beautiful and that alone took my breath away, my whole attitude of beauty change when its people were gathering to honor the day of the Moon. The streets are always full of life but a lot more people were advancing to meet their friends and family to honor the day. Many people were gathering near the corner of the street to bar.b.q, sharing laughters, and telling stories that once occurred in the past which impacted the people in a tremendous way.
Everyone was in perfect harmony and it was so hard to stand by walking being an observant, I wanted to be apart of it, I wanted this connection with the people, with its lagacy and with the culture. Suddenly, sounds were fired off while I was walking, immediately I reacted to hold a safe guard by having a quick stance of protecting myself. Fire crackers and other types of flares were set off, shooting through the sky with a long tale of colorful energy and disappearing into the vast area of the sky. I felt embarrass knowing I am a big guy and was startled to hold my guard because of the fire crackers and my friend and I both laughed at each other while we stay stationary to veiw the flares of light dancing in the sky. At that specific moment, I had wonder for a while knowing that I had seen some past videos of Taiwan being a waste land of factories especially in the area where I am at, Kaohsiung. Everyone has a right to be so proud especially about getting out of that era in an immediate paste, and now this city of light in every street I passed by and even in the sky and I was glad.
I really do not know if the moon festivity is planned for every September 22, but it really reflected the theme of the day because the moon was hovering bright in the sky. My knowledge of the moon is that it increases the chances of romance with your love one regardless if there is any misunderstanding, or quarrelsome attitude between you and that person. Chinese legend has it that the earth was surrounded by 10 suns, all illuminating the Earth with its power. The sun then combine there powers causing terrible droughts and famine then a strong and tyrannical archer Hou Yi saved the Earth by shooting down 9 suns. He was obsessed to rule forever so he stole an elixir from a goddess which was a drink of immortality but his beautiful wife Chang Er drank all to save the people from his tyrannical rule. She then floated to the moon, radiating her beauty and blessings to everyone. Hou Yi did not shoot down the moon because he loves his wife divinely.
There are other stories to the moon festivity but Hou Yi story was more powerful to me. In places that I have passed, many had offering for their ancestors and incense burning, I wanted to take some of the treats that they were offering to their ancestors, mooncakes, candies, fruits, tea, bar.b.g etc. Almost every corners, allies, and stores had a very delicious smell of snacks or bar.b.q circulating in the air. Kao-hsiung was the place of growing laughter and fun, filled with lights and everyone was recording his or her moments by taking many pictures. I then managed to go to the beach because I was drawn by there heavy melodious drumming that sounded the entire area. In my culture, the drum somewhat represent the beating of the heart, for everytime it beats we are reminded of our own history and knowing that our culture will forever lives on, I ended my day feeling exuberant with a good heart beat of the moon festivity and missing my home as well.

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