The moon festival was a pleasant experience for me, as it was the first time I got to bond with all my master class mates, including Taiwanese friends and also other foreigner students. As I also was new in Taiwan (I just had 1 month living in here), it was fun and interesting to observe some of the Taiwanese traditions.

The day before the Moon festival we had a nice “Moon Festival” barbecue in front of the civil engineering department. The senior guys took charge of everything; they did the shopping and the cooking! So I guess that was my first surprise, because in my country when we do that kind of activities usually the girls are the ones that do all the grocery shopping and the guys are the ones that cook the barbecue, because if the guys do the shopping they usually forget to buy something.

When I arrived to the department the guys where already preparing the fire for the grill, but it still took them a time to turn it on. Meantime the other girls and guys from the department kept arriving, and as soon as the fire was ready, we all started helping and putting the food on the grill. We ate a lot of food, we like chicken, pork, beef, tofu, corn and some rice sausages that I had never tried before, but that I really liked. We had a lot of fun, either we were just sitting around and watching, telling some jokes or trying to guess what we were eating. It was nice to have all the people together and sharing. After the barbecue was finished we went to a coffee shop with some friends to celebrate a friend´s birthday. So we stayed there for a couple of hours, sang the happy birthday song in Chinese and English and ate some cake as dessert.
The actual day of the Moon Festival, I didn’t do much. I just went out to lunch with some friends, but on our way to the restaurant we saw a lot of families and a lot of stores that were doing some barbecue in front of their houses. It was nice to see all the families sharing together and at some point it reminded me of my home and how much fun it is to spend time with the people we love in the special Holliday’s. After we finished lunch we headed back home but we wanted to take some advantage of the day so we decided to go the Garden Night Market. We took the bus and arrived at the place of the night market, but we realized that on Tuesday nights this special market is not opened, so we just had to go back home.
On our way back home, we bumped into some friends and they invited us to go with them and had some dinner. We didn’t how or when, but when we realized there was a big group of friends hanging with us. We were about 15 people, most of us  foreigners, but it was a lot of fun to hear some old jokes and to spend some time with the persons that by now have become almost like my family.
I realized that this holiday is an occasion that should be spent with family and close friends and it is a time when we share our food and joy. So even though I didn’t get to experience the whole Taiwanese Moon Festival tradition I still got to observe and taste part of it and I hope and believe that for next year I will have a closer and more traditional experience as my group of friends is growing and strengthening.


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