Today, it was my first Moon Festival in Taiwan. Until now, I still feel quite strange with the new living environment. On this festival, I missed my home country Vietnam so much. My country also has Mid-autumn festival, but there‘re many differences from Taiwan.
The Mid-Autumn festival is named ‘Tet Trung Thu’ in Vietnamese. This holiday recounts the legend of ‘Cuoi’, whose wife accidentally urinated on a sacred banyan tree, taking her with it to the Moon. Every year, on the Mid-Autumn festival, children light lanterns and participate in a procession to show ‘Cuoi’ the way to Earth.
Nowadays, this festival is known as the holiday of children. On this day, every child will be given gifts such as Moon cakes, candies, and toys. Moon cakes are typically square rather than round, though round ones do exist. Besides the indigenous tale of the banyan tree, other legends are widely told including the story of the Moon Lady, and the story of the carp who wanted to become a dragon.
On daytime, every child is taken to the offices of their parents to receive gifts. Besides, they also receive gifts from their living areas, their schools and their relations. On evening, children are taken by their parents to go to Children Activities Centre or go a walk to watch Lion Dances along the streets. The dances are performed by both non-professional children group and trained professional groups. Lion dance groups perform on the streets going to houses and asking for permission to perform for them. If accepted by the host, "the lion" will come in and start dancing as a wish of luck and fortune and the host gives back lucky money to show thankfulness. It’s really exciting and enjoying.
Turn back to Moon festival in Taiwan. Actually, there‘s much surprising with me. The first thing is that all students and maybe all pupils in Taiwan don’t have class on this day. Wow, it’s great so I can have more time to experience the Mid-Autumn Holiday. The second thing is there’re less restaurants or shops opening than normal days on this day so I need to go to supermarket to buy something for cooking by myself. Let’s go to Rt-Mart. Wow, there were so many people there. Most of them bought food for their barbecues such as pork, beef, chicken and vegetables. I also saw the Moon Cakes of Taiwan, but they’re so different from ones in my country. However, they’re very nice. I like them. On the road coming back to my dormitory, I saw along the street every family sitting outside their house and prepare coal ovens for roasting meat. Father was roasting meat and children sat around him while mother was preparing meat. The family atmosphere is really warm and happy. This is the same thing in Moon Festival between Taiwan and Vietnam. And I had interesting and happy barbecues with my friends. On the evening, some of my friends and I picked up one taxi to the Golden Coast to see fireworks. I heard that there would be fireworks there. This was different from my country. In Vietnam, that is only the government having right of using fireworks and people only see fireworks on the holidays so that I really like to see fireworks. Although we had not come there yet, we could see fireworks on the sky and listened to the sound of fireworks. And I saw that everyone and every family played fireworks. That‘s so strange! There‘re so many people, restaurants and shops of fireworks on the seaside. Everybody can buy them. I was really scared so that I didn’t buy or play fireworksI only saw them. In this moment, I see everyone likely more closed together.
That was my first Moon festival in Taiwan. Maybe it’s quite simple, but with me it was really my big experience in discovering about Taiwan. I hope that in two years I will visit more beautiful sights and enjoy more unique cultural values of Taiwan.

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