Taiwan is full of traditions and customs. One of them is the Moon festival or also called Mid-Autumn Festival because it falls on the middle of autumn. My experience during this holiday has been great. The first time I celebrated the Moon festival, I remember some Taiwanese performed the history of this festival telling the history of the Moon and the Sun, so I could know more about this beautiful and important holiday. Traditionally, the full moon has symbolized the happiness of the family gatherings, so the Moon Festival was also regarded as family reunion Festival in Taiwan. The best I have enjoyed about the Moon festival is the barbecue of different and delicious meat, especially squid. It was really grateful to share this tradition in the beautiful Formosa Island because as a foreigner, I can appreciate more about how important traditions and customs are for Taiwanese and how they celebrate it.

I was invited by one family to a barbecue so I was really glad and I felt so honor to be sharing with local. We cooked and we danced and we sang so it was incredible. Also my department (Tropical Agriculture) organized a really good activity for consecutive year, where I joined. The pomelo peeling contest, where pomelo, knowing that is a fruit very important for this festival, we peeled pomelos as fast as we could, unfortunately I couldn’t win but the experience was amazing and also sharing with my friends from different countries made this experience even better. Seeing how Taiwanese gathered with their families or simply doing barbecues on the streets with friends reminded me that union is very important, and family union is more important in this holiday. The only inconvenient was the weather because at that time climatic conditions wasn’t good in Taiwan so many people in Pingtung at the beginning were afraid but at the end the weather was great with a clear night. Therefore, that was not an obstacle for all people to celebrate the Moon festival so I really enjoyed it and I learned more about different traditions and how people in Taiwan celebrate it. With all of that, the experiences in Taiwan is unforgettable and make this beautiful island just exceptional. So I really recommend all people to join this holiday whenever they can because the experience is good and the love and charisma of Taiwanese is enormous.

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