When I first heard about Moon festival from my Agricultural Marketing Professor, it remained me about my childhood days in my village, where we used to stay up at night anytime when the moon out on the sky. I vividly recalled when our elder brothers told us that there is a beautiful woman in the moon and if you like her she will follow you any where you go. It seems it was the same woman our Professor was talking about, when he narrated to us the story behind the Moon festival.
I taught my classmates many things about Ramadan (Muslim period of fasting) and Islamic religion since the Moon festival happened at the time of Ramadan. They could not understand why I was no eating during the day. So I figure now it’s my turn to learn something about Moon festival, which according to my classmates is a Chinese holiday (or festival, as they call it).  It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest period. The festival is to honor the moon, harvest and family. To celebrate, people will get together with family, gaze up at the moon, and eat moon cakes. While in my village people see a woman in the moon, Chinese people say that there is a woman and a rabbit in the moon. How I spent the moon festival?  First, I had a lunch with Chinese teacher’s family. We ate at a restaurant called Enjoy in which most of the dishes had beef. I tried some new cuts, tail tendon and tongue. This was fun and I was happy to spend part of the day with a Chinese family.
Later, groups of students came over to celebrate the holiday; we had meal at the basement of my dormitory and played table tennis. We sat together in the restaurant after the game and chat for quite a long time while we were enjoying the delicious moon cakes. At night, we walked to the nearby Daan Park near our dormitory, and walked around with brilliant-looking lanterns.
Unfortunately, the weather this year wasn’t good; the moon was covered with clouds. So we couldn’t really see the moon clearly. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival did not only provide us with a day for us to rest and eat moon cakes but also to have good time with our friends. Since we are now living in a society where people are extremely busy and work every day, with the chance of spending time together and gathering with family and friends very limited, it is a unique opportunity to socialize. Therefore, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of my favorite festivals this year.

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