The Most Embarrassing Moment while I Speak Chinese
National Central University-Erwin Isaac Alvarez

Well, I have had many embarrassing moments while I have tried to speak Chinese in the restaurants, competitions, stores, and with my classmates. It was a little bit difficult to choose one, but I managed to write down something about one of the most important events. Finally I think that one of the most embarrassing moments was during the TICA Cup competitions, the Chinese speech competition. I knew that competition enough time before it , one month or maybe more. I have to admit that I had enough time to prepare and practice a good speech but even though I did not do it. I wanted to do it just one week before the competitions but during that week I had a lot of homework to work on; even the night before my travel to Pingtung I was so busy as I had to finish a couple of homework and I did not have enough sleep.

When I was going to Pingtung, exactly the day when the competitions were held, I did not know what I would say in my speech, I had not prepared anything; I only knew my topic “My life in Taiwan”. One of my program managers approached me and asked me about my speech. I told her that I was not ready yet. As a matter of fact, I did not know what to say for my speech, so she helped me to do something and wrote some lines about the topic I had chosen. When we finished the little speech, there were many characters that I did not know how to read. I asked her how to read them but I did not memorize them; I was tired and did not want to do at least one effort to learn a few new words. I knew that I would not have good performance. I was aware of it; but I had no idea of how the competitions are, and when we arrived at Pingtung university, a couple of minutes before the competitions…oh my goodness! There were so many students and other people; I never thought it would be so crowded. I started to feel a bit nervous, and once again I asked my managers how to read some characters and I wanted to memorize them but it was too late …… the time had already come for me to go to the stage and speak!!. It was all my fault, I really regretted of not being ready for the speech. I did not do any effort to prepare my speech. I did not know what I was thinking, but at that moment I just wanted to go back in time and prepare a good speech and get ready for the competitions. When it came to my turn, I just walked up to the stage and started to read…..well I tried to read because I did not do good reading neither! , I was very nervous, what a shame! It was terribly embarrassing; and after my extremely bad reading I felt so bad and very disappointed myself. There were many participants who speak Chinese. They have been studying for many years. They speak very good. It was so amazing to see how they speak Chinese quite fluently, and I have to say that I did not have the faintest opportunity to win; this was the worst moment ever, the most embarrassing moment in my whole life. Actually it was a very embarrassing but good experience. Now I know that I have to get ready if I want to participate in any other competition, and I know I can do it better.