The Most Embarrassing Moment While I Speak Chinese
Yuan Ze University-Leonardo Banegas 

Starting to practice Chinese is difficult and require a lot of courage  because for  Latino people there are a lot of new sounds that we have to say clearly and manage the tones that become the situation even more difficult. There are words that are exactly the same sound but different tones, and every tone could be a different meaning, so a correct pronunciation is always in my mind. However, except the tones and pronunciation is  important, learning to speak Chinese means that you have to learn the meaning of some expressions in some specific context, even if the translations in your language do not have sense at all, but in Chinese it means different things.
I take the opportunity in the  meetings, parties or trips with people to speak Chinese and ask translation of some expressions to them, in that way I can learn some expressions in my daily life while I am with my friends. 
My most embarrassing moment while I speak Chinese was one of my best friends' birthday celebration in Taipei. After a couple of drinks we were hungry and one of my friends told me that there were fried rice in the house and one of my girl-friends wanted to eat as well. He encouraged me to practice my Chinese with her, saying: yao bu yao gen wo chao fan that literally means if you want fried rice with me, but in that context in the birthday celebration, it have other meaning. Suddenly the girl looked at me surprised about what I have said, she asked me if I was sure what I have been asked and I replied that “yes”, and her behavior was weird and I began to have doubts and asked her about the meaning.  Then she clarified with me that it is an expression to communicate to someone if they want to go to the bed with you (I did not image that the expression was related to “fried rice” but seems that in Chinese they use this expression in that way), so I was embarrassed with her, but fortunately she knew that I was using my expression in bad way and I realized that my friend was playing a joke on me.

At least, in this experience I learned that I have to be careful with the context of the expressions, not only with the pronunciation. Hopefully I learned from my misunderstanding with friends and avoid with people that I do not know and it could  lack of respect or make someone angry. So everybody, it is better to learn Chinese fast in order to avoid all this kind of situations.